Becky Fury: C*nt!

Becky Fury: C*nt!

Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant

With the unforgettably titled C*nt! (the only thing missing is u), if you’re offended by the word, then give this show a miss because, it is, essentially, a whole show about the use, origins and history about the word c*nt.

Award winning comic performer and artist, London based Becky Fury, in this, her new show, offers an anarchic, illuminating and darkly funny show exploring, amongst other things, who might be in our top three lists of loathed people (politicians feature strongly here!), alongside a break down of the semantics and heritage of this marmite of words.

Utilising a quirky series of accompanying slide shows, like a kind of Gonzo university lecture, moving on from this, we are treated to a series if ephemera useful for, erm, dinner parties?

With lots of witty asides, you can see that Fury has a unique way of thinking exploring the politicised negative use of the word in title, This kind of dry humour is not to everyone taste, but the audience were definitely focussed on her discourse, with a lot of informal banter and questions along the way.

It certainly wasn’t boring! This latter part was the bit I enjoyed the most, seeing thousands of years of use of the same word in so many ways.

This show is hard to pigeonhole as it’s pretty niche. It’s funny, and informative but not for the fainthearted. I enjoyed it and learnt a fair amount too but it requires an audience of a certain maturity to really get the best from it. But, with two more nights at the Brighton Fringe, why not join this comedic exploration of the taboo, and beef up your history too!


Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant

12-13 North Street, Brighton



Brighton Fringe Performances

09 May 2022 20:30 – 21:20   Duration: 50 minutes

10 May 2022 20:30 – 21:20   Duration: 50 minutes


Pricing notes

In-person the show is on donation (by collection at the end – bring cash) but digital tickets are £5. Digital tickets are available to the performance on Tuesday 10 May.


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