Trial date set for Brighton campaigners over Insulate Britain’s M25 protests

Posted On 09 May 2022 at 1:50 pm

A trial date has been set for two campaigners from Brighton who were arrested for blocking the M25 motorway as part of an Insulate Britain protest.

Alex Rodger and Venetia Carter appeared before Judge Stephen Mooney at Lewes Crown Court today (Monday 9 May).

They were among the first four protesters – in a group of 12 – to appear at the court today after they were all charged with causing a public nuisance.

The 12 defendants were due to appear at Lewes today over the protest when they blocked Junction 3 of the M25 motorway on Monday 13 September last year.

Most of the 12 are due back in court, along with others, charged after another protest on the M25, also in September last year.

Alexander Rodger, 32, of Ditchling Road, Brighton, pleaded not guilty before Judge Stephen Mooney at Lewes Crown Court today (Monday 9 May).

Venetia Carter, 58, of Sutherland Road, Brighton, also denied the charge.

They were both remanded on unconditional bail until their trial which is listed to start on Monday 17 April next year and is expected to last five days.

They will be tried alongside Cameron Ford, 31, of The Homing, Cambridge, and Catherine Eastburn, 54, of St Gerard’s Close, south London.

Four more defendants were given a trial date of Monday 8 May next year.

They were

  • Gregory Frey, 25, of Manor House, Ely
  • Margaret Mulowska, 34, of Wapshott Road, Staines, Surrey
  • Oliver Rock, 41, of Red Post Hill, London
  • Michael Wiley, 75, of Alburgh Road, Shelton, Norfolk

And the other final four defendants today were given a trial date of Monday 5 June next year.

They were

  • Jessica Causby, 25, of Longfield Avenue, London
  • Priyadaka Conway, 60, of Auckland Road, Cambridge
  • Susan Hagley, 66, of Tuddenham Road, Ipswich
  • Joseph Shepherd, 21, of Percy Road, Horsham

Warrants not backed for bail were issued for two of the 12 defendants – Gregory Frey and Priyadaka Conway.

Frey sent a message to the court saying that he was suffering from fatigue and Conway was said to be leading a Buddhist retreat in North Wales.

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