Brighton pair jailed for ticket machine thefts

Posted On 16 Dec 2009 at 5:13 pm

Two people from Brighton have been jailed for stealing thousands of pounds from railway station ticket machines and causing more than £150,000 of damage.

Christopher Loccorriere, 40, of Chailey Road, Moulsecoomb, and Lisa Marchant, 34, of neighbouring Newick Road, admitted conspiring to steal when they appeared at Lewes Crown Court.

Loccorrierre was sentenced to 26 months in prison. Marchant was given an 18-month jail sentence.

They carried out their crimes in the Brighton and Hove area from August to October last year and were caught after an investigation by British Transport Police detectives.

The pair stole

    • £246 from Moulsecoomb Station at 4.25am on 28 August
    • £250 from Falmer Station at 5.38am on 28 August
    • £150 from London Road Station, Brighton, at 5.15am on 29 August and
    • £300 from Falmer Station again at 2.36am on 30 August.
    • They tried to steal from the ticket machine at Shoreham Station at 3.51am on 31 August but failed.They also stole
    • £396 from London Road Station again at 6.30am on 31 August
    • £1,285 from Burgess Hill station at 0.40am on 1 September and
    • £28 from Buxted Station at 2.16am on 3 September.
    • They tampered with the ticket machine at Hassocks Station at 4.46am on 7 September but failed to steal any cash.The pair struck again at stations that they had already targeted when they stole
    • £246 from Moulsecoomb Station at 1.18am on 13 September and
    • £677 from London Road Station at 3am on 14 October.

Southern, the train operator, which runs the stations, spent £25,000 employing extra security guards to catch the crooks.

They were arrested while being monitored by security staff at Preston Park Station on 17 October and charged with the thefts.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop the case against the duo so Southern’s security team and the British Transport Police worked together and, having sifted CCTV images conclusively, resubmitted the case.

As a result, the pair are now in prison.

When they were arrested, Locorriere and Marchant had tools and a crowbar with them.

Their homes were searched where officers found clothes that CCTV images showed the couple wearing when carrying out their crimes.

Typically the pair would use tools to force the door of the ticket machine open before taking the cash box from inside.

Southern’s losses, including the money stolen, the damage caused and the extra security required as a result of the thefts, were estimated at almost £180,000.

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