Another woman lines up to contest Brighton Pavilion

Posted On 03 Feb 2010 at 9:59 am

It was already flying the flag for feminism with its trio of woman candidates – now the contest to become the next MP for Brighton Pavilion has been joined by another.

After a brief spell of speculation that the former Liberal Democrat Chairman of Lewes District Council turned green activist Marina Pepper was joining the fray (laughed off by Marina herself), it emerged that Bernadette Millam has been selected.

Writing on the Lib Dem’s Brighton website, Ms Millam said: “I have lived on the Sussex Coast for twelve years with my three children. I am a registered nurse and have much experience of working in nursings homes having cared in particular for people suffering from confusion or Alzheimer’s disease.

Berni Millam

“I am a passionate believer in the right to dignity for the elderly and will always stand up for fairness and compassion in order that the elderly get their fair share of the NHS cake .

“I have also been a Parish Councillor and concentrated some of my efforts on the plight of the youth who also suffer from a lack of investment in youth facilities leading to disengagement”

She also said she believes in accountable government, social justice, climate change awareness and the return of adequate social housing provision.

Writing on his blog, fellow Lib Dem PPC Paul Elgood (who is standing in Hove) welcomed Bernadette, or Berni, aboard.

He said: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that we’ll be fighting for every single vote in the city and will ensure that the liberal voice is heard in this election.

“Berni comes from West Sussex and is excited about the challenge ahead in what will be an all women election from the four parties.

“Berni joins Juilet Williams in Kemp Town and myself in Hove. A strong, diverse and balanced team.”

Ms Millam joins Caroline Lucas (Green Party), Nancy Platts (Labour) and Caroline Vere (Conservative) in contesting the seat.

This is widely regarded as the Green Party’s best ever chance of gaining its first seat in Parliament.

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