Disappearance of Kemptown Ben's blog sparks speculation

Controversial councillor Ben Duncan’s popular blog has disappeared, sparking speculation it was just too outspoken for the Green Party in the run up to the election.

Mr Duncan says the blog has gone to make way for a new, improved site hosted by the Green Party itself.

His posts have never pulled any punches, and have occasional sparked debate, such as the one saying someone who complained that the White Night festival was racist may have had a point.

His last post was a cross-party attack on councillors making frivolous complaints to the Standards Committee, and included a swipe at the new Brighton and Hove chief executive, who he described as John “Axeman” Barraddell.

This has prompted Labour blogger Dan Wilson to ask him a series of questions, including: “When your blog returns, will you be in charge as before or will you have to clear posts with Green Party colleagues?”

If he does tone it down, the Brighton political blogosphere will be a much duller place.

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