Campbell puts Brighton Green on the spot

Posted On 28 Apr 2010 at 2:18 pm

Brighton Pavilion Green candidate Caroline Lucas put her party’s case on Nicky Cambell’s radio programme on 5 Live this morning.

She appeared on the BBC radio phone-in show in her capacity as the Green Party’s leader in England and Wales.

She faced questions on issues ranging from Trident nuclear missiles to taxes.

She said that she wanted to shift the tax burden rather than raise it overall, helping small businesses, pensioners and those on low incomes while targeting fossil fuel use.

Ms Lucas advocated a minimum wage of more than £8, a return of the 10p income tax band and a cut in corporation tax for small businesses.

But she conceded that air fares could rise by about 50 per cent.

She faced robust questions from callers challenging many of her party’s policies and its assumptions about man-made global warming.

But she said that the Greens were serious about environmental issues in ways that the other parties weren’t.

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