Latest Saltdean Lido plans set out

Saltdean Lido campaigners have turned out at three public meetings yesterday evening and this afternoon to voice their concerns.

The meetings were given details of revised plans by leaseholder Dennis Audley.

He said that the Art Deco lido had lost more than £250,000 over the past five years as visitor number numbers had fallen.

As a result of the losses, the lido faces closure.

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Mr Audley’s solution is to revamp the site and to build 40 flats to fund his proposals.

He is trying to persuade campaigners that the flats won’t overpower the Grade II listed lido which was built in the 1930s  at the eastern end of Brighton and Hove.

Mr Audley has leased the lido from Brighton and Hove City Council for the past ten years.

He told campaigners that he would keep the outdoor pools and include an indoor pool in the revamp as well as a community building and new library.

The original announcement in March that the lido would close sparked an outcry, with more than 6,500 people joining a Facebook protest group.

  1. Ivan Pope Reply

    So the council actually owns the site – he just leases it. So how can he build flats on it etc etc?

    ‘Mr Audley has leased the lido from Brighton and Hove City Council for the past ten years.’

  2. admin Reply

    Hi Ivan,

    Mr Audley is a leaseholder, rather than a tenant. This makes him responsible for the fabric of the building, and allows him to build on the land, subject to planning permission.

  3. Ivan Pope Reply

    I presume that the council is the freeholder and they sold the lease off at some point in the past then?

  4. Becky Bredin Reply

    Hi There,

    I am doing this as my geography coursework and it would be great if i could get some campaigners views.

    Thank you.
    Becky 🙂

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