Parents of "brave" fox-bite toddler say nobody is to blame

Posted On 22 Jun 2010 at 7:49 am

The parents of a Brighton toddler bitten by a fox on Saturday say nobody is to blame for the attack.

Jake Jermy, 3, was playing at the Dorothy Stringer pre-school playgroup at a private party on Saturday when the fox, which was living under a raised classroom, bit him.

The case has received massive media attention after being reported by The Sun yesterday, as it comes two weeks after nine-month-old twins were badly injured in a suspected fox attack.

But Jakes’ parents, Sam and Jacqui Jermy, say this was just an “unfortunate event” and that their son is recovering well.

Sam Jermy said: “Jake was at a private party on Saturday at a Brighton pre-school, While playing in the grounds of the pre-school Jake reached under a shed for what he thought was a pink ball but he disturbed a fox which bit him on the arm.

“The bite has been treated at the hospital and we are pleased to say Jake has been making a good recovery and appears to be his normal happy self.

“We would like to express that we feel it was not the fault of the fox or Jake but an unfortunate event. We would now like to focus on the recovery of our brave boy.”

Meanwhile, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)  is warning against any unnecessary steps being taken towards foxes and other wildlife.

Founder Trevor Weeks said “We all expect the media these days to use sensational wording around these incidents but unfortunately some people are frighten by what is reported in the media.

“Although I feel sorry for what the children have been through and the worry it must have caused to the parents, we really need to put these incidents into perspective.

“It has been known for years by the educational authorities that foxes live under such make shift buildings at schools, so it should come as no surprise that there was a fox present. The fox did not attack the child, it was defending itself – there is a significant difference. ”

Trevor Weeks was recently bitten by a snake whilst on a rescue which almost cost him his life. He said “I was bitten as I was handling a snake and have been bitten by various species over the years, but I have put myself in a position where I can get bitten and therefore accept the consequence.

“I wouldn’t dream of calling in pest control to kill them all as a result as this would be an unbalanced response. The media reported that I have been attacked by a snake which I hadn’t, it was defending itself.”

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