Brighton priest questions licence fee for "anti-Catholic" BBC

Posted On 05 Jul 2010 at 8:52 am

A Brighton priest has called for a debate in the UK’s Catholic church on whether its members should consider a boycott of the licence fee for its “enemy”, the BBC.

Father Ray Blake, of St Mary Magdalen Church in Upper North Street, Brighton, says it’s “pretty clear” the BBC is going to be hostile during the upcoming papal visit, pointing to an investigation by Peter Tatchell and and drama called The Pope on Trial.

Writing on his blog, he said: “Isn’t it about time someone in the church in this country just said ‘Enough, let’s not pay the license fees.’

“Why should Catholics pay for public service broadcasting that does very little other than disparage the Catholic Church? Why subsidise our enemies?

“It is about time the Church joined the increasing number of politicians who are debating whether or not we need the BBC.”

  1. Hardleiih-Worthytte Reply

    Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

  2. Michael Reply

    Using the same logic, should I withhold my licence fee because the BBC restricts ‘Thought For The Day’ contributions to those with a religious bias?

  3. David Lambert Reply

    Wow, for once I am happy to pay for the damn licence.

    (And yes the pope should stand trial).

  4. quedula Reply

    Yet Mark Thompson Director- General of the BBC is a RC and was educated by Jesuits.

  5. Monty Reply

    “does very little other than disparage the Catholic Church” eh? I take it he has never watched any of the BBC channels or listened to any of their radio stations. I barely notice any reference to the Catholic church at all in any of the BBC content I watch/listen to, which is as it should be since it’s a publicly funded body where religion has no place.

    Hopefully anyone following his boycott will be prosecuted like any other licence fee evader.

  6. Frankie D. Reply

    What a crazy bugger! But then it’s the church, what can you expect, I suppose…..

  7. francis a Reply

    I think most of the BBC employees would agree frankie d and David Lambert. There is no doubt that in England there is a deep anti catholic bias of which most people are not aware. The BBC is part of it.

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