Eight Brighton and Hove schools praised by watchdog

Posted On 22 Jul 2010 at 10:41 pm

Eight Brighton and Hove schools have today received praise from Ofsted, the government’s schools watchdog.

The eight are

  • Downs Infant School
  • Stanford Infant School
  • Balfour Junior School
  • Hangleton Junior School
  • Woodingdean Primary School
  • St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School
  • St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School
  • Aldrington CofE Primary School.

All were judged to be good schools when last inspected and, after an interim assessment on Wednesday 30 June, today received a letter saying: “During its last inspection in January 2007, Ofsted inspectors judged your child’s school to be good.

“Schools which are performing well are now inspected less often than other schools.

“This usually means that good schools are inspected once in five years, whilst satisfactory schools will be inspected at least once every three years.

“Some good schools are inspected after three years; others may have their inspections put back.

“To help decide whether we can wait longer than three years before undertaking a full inspection of a good school, such as your child’s, Her Majesty’s Inspectors look at various sources of information, as listed below.

“This is called an ‘interim assessment’.

“In carrying out the interim assessment, we considered the following:

  • pupils’ academic performance
  • pupils’ attendance
  • any visits carried out by Ofsted since the last inspection
  • complaints about the school by parents or carers
  • any other significant issues brought to Ofsted’s attention.

“I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment shows that the school’s performance has been sustained and that we can defer its next full inspection.

“As a result, the next full inspection will not take place any earlier than 1 September

2011 unless we receive information in the course of the coming year that causes us

to inspect earlier.”

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