Brighton pensioner robbed in his own home

Posted On 23 Nov 2010 at 1:00 am

A thief knocked over an 89-year-old Brighton man in his own home before stealing his wallet.

Sussex Police said that the thief appeared to have befriended his victim days before pushing past him in the doorway of his home in King’s Road.

The thief said that his name was Robert and that he lived in Hove when he first called on his victim at about 6.30pm on Thursday (18 November).

He told his victim that they had met before and was invited in for a cup of tea.

He persuaded the elderly man to open a bottle of wine and stayed for an hour before his victim became suspicious and asked him to leave.

He came back on Saturday (20 November) and knocked on the back door, possibly in the company of another man.

The victim told him that he wouldn’t be letting him into the house.

He returned on Sunday (21 November), again at about 6.30pm, and pushed past his victim as he opened his door, knocking the 89-year-old to the floor.

The thief is described as white, in his early 30s, 5ft 9in tall and of slight build, but not skinny, with a square face, pale complexion, clean shaven and with large, round eyes.

His hair was short, dark brown and swept back and his eyebrows were well-shaped and also dark in colour.

The victim described his lips as a bit big in proportion to his face.

Anyone who may have seen the man in the area, possibly in the company of another, or who recognises the description, is asked to call 0845 6070999.

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