Brighton University offers free degrees

Posted On 26 Nov 2010 at 2:06 pm

At a time when proposed rises in tuition fees are in the news, Brighton University is offering free degrees.

The university said: “High-flying graduates are being offered the opportunity to undertake a fully funded masters degree.”

The opportunity comes courtesy of a company run by two Brighton graduates who set up a business in the town, the IT graduate employer FDM Group.

FDM was recently voted Best Technical Graduate Recruiter at the National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2010.

Now the company has joined forces with Brighton University to set up an MSc in applied computer science, which will help students looking for fast-track career progression.

The FDM Master Class Programme will start in January and will enable FDM to continue recruiting some of the best graduates across the globe.

Sam Rhodes, the university’s head of careers, said: “By working for FDM, graduates can gain an insight into the workings of a large organisation and improve their employability skills, while gaining valuable commercial experience.”

Sheila Flavell, chief operating officer at FDM, said: “This partnership is hugely exciting for both the university and FDM.

“We are passionate about training graduates to kick-start their careers within IT and finance and we will continue to encourage graduates to pursue a career in the IT sector.”

Professor Julian Crampton, vice-chancellor of the university, said: “As an organisation committed to effective partnerships, FDM shares similar values with regards to tailoring activity to address specific needs.

“FDM remains embedded in Brighton and Hove, the company’s first location, and not only does FDM continue to employ a healthy number of graduates from the university, Rod and Sheila Flavell, chief executive officer and chief operating officer respectively, are both alumni of the university themselves.”

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