Sussex Police to test scheme to help victims of yobs and abuse

Posted On 05 Jan 2011 at 2:30 pm

Sussex Police is one of eight police forces to test new methods to deal with anti-social behaviour.

It is taking part in a pilot scheme, being overseen by the Home Office, to try to give better protection vulnerable people from yobs, bullies and nightmare neighbours.

The trial follows the death of Fiona Pilkington, from Barwell in Leicestershire, in October 2007.

She killed herself and her daughter Francecca Hardwick after suffering years of abuse at the hands of local yobs.

The aim of the seven-month pilot scheme is to identify quickly and protect those victims most at risk.

Superintendent Russ Whitfield said: “Sussex Police is very pleased to be a pilot force in this continued drive to improve service to the public should they experience anti-social behaviour.

“We have already made significant changes to the way that anti-social behaviour is tackled here in Sussex and as a result of this have been selected to be a national pilot force.

“We are recording anti-social behaviour differently and have set up mechanisms to ensure we capture repeat incidents.

“This is to deal with any cumulative effect or when incidents are reported to different agencies yet involve the same community, victim or offender.

“We then look at tackling these issues in the most effective way.

“We will continue to work with our partner agencies to tackle these incidents, improve our service and to achieve a positive outcome for victims and communities.”

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