Fraudster targets Brighton computer user

Posted On 15 Mar 2011 at 10:43 pm

A conman pretending to be from Microsoft has cold called a computer user in Brighton trying to sell a bogus security package.

He is among a team of fraudsters who have even persuaded some PC users to give them remote access.

This enables them to place malicious software on people’s machines or steal information.

Trading standards officers from Brighton and Hove City Council have issued a warning to highlight the risks and raise awareness.

They described the telephone scam, which had previously been reported nationally but until now had not happened in the city.

They said that fraudsters from a call centre in India phoning home owners and claiming to be from Microsoft.

They claim that there are problems with the home PC that the user is not aware of and which they are able to cure.

But the help comes at a price – about £185 for what is described as a three-year maintenance package.

Research revealed that the call received in Brighton appeared to have originated from a call centre in India.

Although the business was registered with Companies House, the company directors were based abroad.

Research into the companies’ websites revealed a similar story with sites being registered and hosted outside Britain.

The Guardian has also carried a report about the scam. To read it click here.

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