Brighton MP criticises drones

Posted On 06 Jul 2011 at 10:43 pm

The Brighton Pavilion Green MP Caroline Lucas stepped into the debate about Afghanistan in the House of Commons today (Wednesday 6 July).

She asked the Prime Minister David Cameron to review the use of drones and highlighted the recent death of four civilians as a result of the practice.

Dr Lucas said: “The Prime Minister will know of increasing concern about the use of drones in Afghanistan and elsewhere, particularly about the risk that they will strike civilians.

“Just yesterday it was confirmed that a drone had killed four Afghan civilians and injured two others.

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“Given that military officials are saying that almost one third of the Royal Air Force could be made up of drones within the next 20 years, will he review the use of this policy?”

Mr Cameron said: “Of course it matters hugely that we avoid civilian casualties, whether in Afghanistan or in Libya.

“However, I do not think that the answer is to turn our face away from the modern technology that can now pinpoint people who are doing us harm.

“The technology being used in Afghanistan, including drones and other aerial ISTAR – intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance – cameras, has been hugely effective in driving back the Taliban insurgency and taking out people who are doing us harm.”

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