World Autism Day event being held in Hove

Posted On 31 Mar 2013 at 9:07 pm

An event to mark World Autism Day is being held at Hove Town Hall next weekend.

The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Bill Randall, will be among those attending the event from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 6 April.

The event has been organised by local voluntary sector groups and people on the autistic spectrum.

It is being supported by Brighton and Hove City Council and the Brighton and Hove Learning Disability Partnership Board.

The event will include stalls, information, workshops, talks, art activities and refreshments.

The council said: “Autism affects how someone makes sense of the world around them and how they understand other people.

“It can mean difficulties with social relationships, communication, repetitive behaviours and sensory sensitivities.

“However, it can also give people strengths such as expertise in special interests, good memory, excellent concentration, logical thinking and also creative and lateral thinking.”

Simon Smith, who is on the autistic spectrum, is helping organise the event. He said: “We want to show that although autistic people learn and experience things differently this can be a positive thing.

“We are individuals with our own personality and strengths which can be built upon even though we may follow a different pathway.”

The chairman of the council’s Adult Care and Health Committee, Councillor Rob Jarrett, said: “This event is not just about raising awareness of the difficulties people on the autistic spectrum face in everyday life.

“It’s also about the talents and skills many autistic people have and the contribution they can make to society.”

The organisers said that everyone was welcome at the event which comes after an “autism acceptance walk” was held in the autumn.


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