Three men try to rape Brighton woman in street attack

Posted On 18 Nov 2014 at 5:07 pm

Three men tried to rape a woman in the street in Brighton as she walked home from a night out.

The 23-year-old was attacked in Western Street, Brighton, on the corner of Sillwood Street, when the men grabbed her, pulled her to the ground and tried to force her jeans down.

She fought back, struggled free from the men and ran off, shaken but unhurt, Sussex Police said today (Tuesday 18 November).

The force said: “All three suspects are described as black. One had shoulder-length braided hair and was wearing a beige jacket and dark jeans or trousers.

“The other two wore dark clothing. One of the suspects spoke with an accent.”

The attack happened at 4.30am on Friday (14 November).

PC Neil Lambert, of Brighton and Hove CID, said: “This incident is being treated as attempted rape.

“If you were in the area during the early hours of Friday, or if you know who these men are, please contact us.”

Anyone with information should phone Sussex Police on 101, email or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

  1. Adrian Morris Reply

    And councillor Kitcat claims crime has gone down in the city. Sounding more Tory than the Tories

  2. Daniel Vye Reply

    As terrible as this news is it is hardly evidence of a rise in crime is it. Perhaps try not to use the reporting of an attempted rape to make a political point, as that’s really disgusting of you.

    • Whereeaglesdare Reply

      Disgusting that you are prepared to see more and more people raped and made victims of crime because you refuse to accept that mass immigration is leading to more crime. Especially rape. But whats a few rapes, murders, terrorist incidents compared to your myth that a multicultural state works. Please google Oslo and rapes……

  3. Daniel Vye Reply

    You are putting words in my mouth here ‘I am prepared to see more and more people raped’

    Again, using the distressful ordeal this lady has gone through to further your own political agenda is a very low thing to do.

    I refuse to enter into an actual conversation with you as you are bringing up terrorism and murder, your bigoted views are not helpful in the slightest to the victim here.

  4. Q Reply

    same argument as it always has been…Pathetic, Daniel your absolutely in the right. Mass imigration to this country and the passing of blame has gone on too long. It doesn’t wash with us. Maybe it’s the Jews from the 1890’s, maybe it’s the Pakistani’s and Indians from the fifties or maybe they were mis-educated second generation polish left here after winning the battle of Britain for us. The fact only one of them had an accent leaves me to believe that the other two were home grown. Unless you have green eyes and ginger hair I’m afraid to say you are also a generation of immigrant too. We live in a multicultural society in the UK. It’s something that you have to get over if you live here. Bigotry and mis-understood family trees have a great cause of self importance here and the leaf never falls far from the tree. Rape is a serious allegation and believe me the memories of its events are very harrowing but also exact with in split second remembering….so I think she will have a very good idea of what she saw, felt and heard. We, as HUMANS support Racial equality in this country. We will not tar our brethren’s names and social status because people don’t understand their own histories or how in economic difficulties, We as a country opened our borders to help others but also sustain a very small island through commerce. If you go to the queen Victoria statue in Hove around the base of it on all four plaques reads, SCIENCE AND ARTS, EDUCATION, COMMERCE, EMPIRE. If you have any patriotism at all you will understand your argument has nothing to do with these facts….the immigrants here are nothing more then lost sheep, like us, trying to do what we can to survive in a world of bitterness that is bought about by these same credentials…one that stands out is Education….and in 8’000 years of Immigration to this country, a few of us wiser ones….THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE WORKED IT OUT BY NOW!!

  5. Q Reply

    In all events this was a despicable act. My heart goes out to the young lady involved. The delusional fact is how anyone could go to these extremes on a street which is supposed to be in the most Big Brother watched country and the police are still clueless. It is obviously not working as a system, in an ever more dangerous environment. We must do more to look after one another and be more responsible for other people in our groups who are vulnerable. It disgusts me that we are bought up through schooling to be taught to become part of a team, yet we come away and all only think of ourselves(Bank balance,Life skills trades etc.,Marriage) It’s the same when we go out at times, we forget to check on the team after a few drinks and aim at getting on it. Its more important then ever to be vigilant…not for ourselves but for everyone. We also need to be more careful then ever what we say, so as to not encite, anger, hatred and oppression on vulnerable people or minority or any other society unless, of course, it’s oppressing us. I’m sorry but their will always be people in every society and race….but we do have power over ourselves and how we project ourselves. I think it’s way past time that we protected the things hat matter to us. Please understand I were not meaning to belittle anyone in the last statement especially to the lady, Who I wish all the best on her recovery. Make changes to ourselves,the worlds dark, but it’s also as light,and radical, as beautiful and as complex as you wish to make it. This universe grows and shrinks to the size of your conscience…..use it. Lets start taking care of people…forget the cameras they are not working,we must do our duty to each other.

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