Travellers set up camp on Brighton seafront

Posted On 09 Feb 2015 at 1:43 pm

A group of travellers have set up an encampment on Brighton seafront today.

(null)A number of vans have stopped halfway along Madeira Drive.

A statement on the Brighton and Hove City Council says: “We have visited this site with the police earlier today and the statutory checks have been carried out.

“The group has been informed they are trespassing on council-owned land and have been asked to leave.

“We will be applying to the County Court for a possession order which will enable us to arrange for an eviction to be carried out, should the occupants fail to leave the site voluntarily.”

There is also currently an unauthorised traveller camp at Preston Park and van dwellers on land at 19 Acres.

Council officers have visited both sites with the police, and the statutory checks have been carried out.

The council is also pursuing possession orders for both these sites.

Parking tickets have been issued at Preston Park.

  1. Rostrum Reply

    AGAIN …. This flip\flop between sites needs to be stopped.

  2. feline1 Reply

    You’re not wrong, Rostrum – Sussex Police’s asinine “serve them with an order” behaviour then look the other way as the travellers drive half a mile down the road and set up camp again is wearing slightly thin.

    Anyways, wake me up when they set up camp on Hove Lawns. Only then will we truly have hit peak traveller.

  3. Brunswick Reply

    Feline, don’t even suggest it!

    (though it might help kill the Green vote in Brunswick & Adelaide!)

  4. Richard Reply

    wy don’t the police stop them before they come in. Now it will cost the the tax payer thousands just to clean up after them.

  5. rose Reply

    If the council didnt move us travellers around so much we wouldn’t be parking in public places, if you left us alone in somewhere like devils dyke or wilsons avenue we wouldn’t move onto public parks or the sea front! The more u move us the more we will park in your parks and car parks

  6. feline1 Reply

    This is Brighton, rose! You should get yourself an authentic artisan wooden gypsy caravan, drawn by a ‘rare breeds’ heritage shire horse. Then they’d all adore you!

  7. malc Reply

    I understand the council have to follow procedure that includes a welfare check, This i would assume would also include identification of said travellers.
    So why, after clearing up after them do they not charge them for this at their next port of call?

  8. Chips and Beans for Dinner Reply

    Don’t forget that following the closure of The Dale Farm gypsy camp, it was Caroline ‘5 Homes’ Lucas who publicly stated that (quote) “Brighton is a traveller-friendly city” (unquote)

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