Brighton Station taxi rank could move to Terminus Road

Posted On 15 Oct 2015 at 5:11 pm

Councillors are likely to consider a report about the possibility of moving the taxi rank from the front of Brighton Station to Terminus Road, alongside the station.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “Nothing has yet been decided.”

Gill Mitchell, who chairs the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “The dangerous situation at peak times in front of the station cannot be allowed to continue.

“It is unsafe for pedestrians, buses and taxis as well as spoiling the visual and environmental aspects of the station forecourt.

“So I’m calling for a report to committee on (Tuesday) 24 November to start a formal trial of using Terminus Road.”

Councillor Mitchell added: “Generally feedback was good when we used the road as a cab rank during the Station Gateway works.

“But I’m keen any trial would include measures to mitigate isolated problems reported previously, including extra traffic using some streets.

“We would also need properly to consult all interested groups including residents, the buses and the cab trade.”

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Yet another idea that pushes tourists away. It is unfair to demand luggage be dragged over a busy main road to get to a taxi rank. Guaranteed accident blueprint.

    • Andrew Reply

      Sorry your wrong. There is NO crossing of roads at all, the pick will be by the side of the station near the Pelican crossing, it all so allows all 550 Hackneys to use it as opposed to roughly half that currently are allowed to use the Station now.

  2. Valerie Paynter Reply

    550 Hackneys, you say. My, but that promises quite the log jam I’d say!!!!!

    • geoffrey hutton Reply

      yes but they dont all work the same hours

  3. martin lawrence Reply

    The traffic is horrendous up Terminus Road at the best of times thought this council was skint

  4. WizBang Reply

    The drivers that use the Station rank pay £600 for the privilege, and passes have been issued wily nily. Metour are to blame for 100 taxis trying to get into the station in the evening. Greediness on the part of the private parking company.

  5. Lindsay Reply

    It seems that the main problem is that there are too many taxis. Talking to taxi drivers, quite a few say that it’s difficult to make a decent living unless they work unsocial hours. So, is it the greed of the drivers or that of the company issuing the licences? When the rank is in Terminus Road the traffic in neighbouring roads increases and causes problems along Clifton St, Buckingham Rd and sometimes Dyke Rd. Furthermore, Upper Gloucester Rd will become even more intolerable, especially when the buses go down it (pity the poor drivers having to negotiate these side roads). North Gdns will become more of a rat-run. Will all those roads affected get a rate rebate? all this leads to longer journey times and more frustration.

    • geoffrey hutton Reply

      if there are too many taxis why are with bothering with UBER

  6. Debbie Reply

    What about the even higher levels of pollution for the residents of Terminus Road if there is a constant queue of Taxis for 14 hours a day with engines running?…

  7. Andy Houghton Reply

    When the taxis where in terminus road last time it took forever to load up. Literally one taxi at a time. If jump off my train and have to wait 20 minutes to get in a cab. At the front of the station where it is now even with a que I’m gone in 5. Crazy crazy idea moving it to terminus road

  8. Andy Houghton Reply

    And as previously mentioned in this post, the poor residents of terminus roads with cabs outside their homes literally 24/7 stop/start pumping fumes and making noise.

  9. Niall Reply

    I’m a resident of Terminus Road – noise from cab radio’s, loud phone calls, chirpy banter between drivers until 2am every night. Traffic chaos for everyone but imagine trying to get access to park near your own home. Worst of all the pelican crossing became a danger to use as cabs tried to embark, regular commuters tried to use the crossing in their masses negotiating a queue of travellers with luggage – cyclists trying to filter past – everyone trying to beat the lights. It is chaos even today but when the rank was there it was simply dangerous to all users.

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