Hove MP Peter Kyle holds meeting with anti-war campaigners

Posted On 03 Dec 2015 at 5:12 pm

Hove MP Peter Kyle has invited constituents who disagree with his vote to send British bombers to Syria last night to a meeting tomorrow to discuss his decision.

Peter Kyle in the House of Commons

Peter Kyle in the House of Commons

He has contacted Stop the War Brighton and Hove asking if any of their members living in Hove and Portslade would like to come to his constituency office tomorrow at 8.30am.

Mr Kyle has come under heavy fire from anti-war campaigners across the city, about 200 of whom marched to his office on Tuesday night, and one of whom posted a picture of a dead Syrian child through the letterbox of his flat.

Meanwhile, Stop the War is holding a candlelit vigil at the Old Steine this afternoon at 5.30pm.

A post on the group’s Facebook page says: “Peter Kyle has offered to see those of us from Hove who opposed his vote for airstrikes on Syria.

“This is a chance to let him know how we feel. Time is 8.30am, early yes because he has a full day, and this allows some of us to get there before work.

“Anyone not a Hovenik who wants to is welcome to join and protest outside, with banners etc.”

Cath Senker, from Stop the War Brighton and Hove, said: “Like many others who have campaigned for MPs to vote ‘no’ to bombing Syria, I am upset and angry about the decision to go to war.

“The vigil has been called to oppose British air strikes, which will bring further suffering to the Syrian people, deepen opposition to Western intervention and increase support for ISIS. We will continue to campaign for a political solution to the crisis in the Middle East.”

Speaking about the picture of the dead baby, which was reported in the Telegraph, Mr Kyle said: “I was sad that it made it into the press as I didn’t want anything to distract from the issue we were voting on. I didn’t need to see a photo like that to know how awful conflict is.

“I’m now doing all I can to hold the government to its promises made to me.”

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