Brighton and Hove City Council budget meeting suspended after tuneful protest

Posted On 25 Feb 2016 at 5:03 pm

The annual Brighton and Hove City Council budget meeting – at which the council tax for the coming year is set – was suspended after a tuneful protest in a packed public gallery this afternoon (Thursday 25 February).

A couple of dozen protesters sang “Solidarity forever” to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic (Glory, Glory, Hallelujah) in the face of cuts. Others held up signs saying: “They cut. We bleed.”


Protesters at the Brighton and Hove City Council annual budget meeting at the County Ground - Picture by Valerie Paynter

Protesters at the Brighton and Hove City Council annual budget meeting at the County Ground – Picture by Valerie Paynter

Council chief executive Geoff Raw backed up his outnumbered security staff whose challenge was greater because the protesters were dispersed throughout the audience.

After the more vocal protesters had left or been removed Mr Raw told those who remained: “If there’s any more disruption, I will clear the public gallery.

“You’ve got to allow the elected members of Brighton and Hove to make their decisions.”

After the meeting – at the County Ground in Hove – resumed the mayor Lynda Hyde threatened to call the police if there were more disruptions and urged people to behave like adults.

She then apologised to council leader Warren Morgan for the interruption before asking him to make his budget speech.

  1. feline1 Reply

    So they protestors just meekly then shut up and left? Bit bloody lame #sighs

    • tomcat Reply

      So what did you do, feline1 ?

    • Eric Pode Reply

      Not as lame as your comment

  2. alec newton Reply

    Its a most worrying situation the council need to make cuts but where ? however its important to recognise that those who are older must be considered with paramount attention !, as this is the very group that have ( for the most ) worked all there lives paid all there taxes did everything for themselves and did not draw from the state benefits . The older group are vulnerable can be frail if there bus pass were in any way adversely effected , it would result with them trying to get around without support and being at risk of being mugged and attached . This older group needs support with travelling as they otherwise would not get out so much and also older people were brought up not to spend too much money , they won’t purchase a bus pass and will ( what ever here finical position) end up trying to walk in all weather conditions putting them last risk of accidents and or attach ! Is this want we would really want ? we all have older relatives and some of us are indeed in that category too .

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