5 things we smiled and smirked about as Brighton & Hove Albion thrashed Leeds United

Posted On 01 Mar 2016 at 9:25 am

1) The rousing if not ironic cheer that greeted Souleymane Doukara’s second-half shot. David Stockdale made a routine save, drawing the cheer from the Leeds fans behind the goal. It was the visitors’ first and only shot on target.

2) The uncanny  likeness that Steve Evans has to Oliver Hardy. However, Paul Raynor seemed unwilling to ruffle his own hair and neither showed any sign of pushing a piano up some stairs.

3) Bruno Saltor showing why he’s captain by sprinting back 60 yards to break up a Leeds attack after Albion’s own foray forward had broken down.

4) Liam Bridcutt refusing to respond to the more than audible chant from Albion fans of “Liam, Liam, what’s the score?” Danny Wilson was kind enough to respond when Albion were beating his Luton Town side 4-1 in 1990.

5) Tomer Hemed taking the time to talk through his penalty with fans as he collected his well-deserved man of the match award in the BUPA lounge as the former Maltese international Gary Chivers looked on.
 6) Referee Peter Bankes seemingly unsure of whether to start the match or let Ring of Fire finish. The official took charge of the situation at 7.46pm.

  1. Tony Reply

    That’s 6 things nobhead.

  2. Mr orange Reply

    See you next season boys

    Marching on together

  3. makka Reply

    You beat a club in turmoil. Don’t laugh at other’s misfortunes on their way down, or you may meet them again on the way back up! You’ve been good for five minutes and you think you are world beaters!

  4. Eddie O'Reilly Reply

    I read the post and it made me smile and smirk also. Just the one thought though and it is that Brighton have and always will be a small no name team. enjoy your few minutes of glory you don’t get many.

    • Cunningplan Reply

      ….and you can argue whether that is better or worse than being a ‘has been club’

  5. AmdSmithmustmiss Reply

    Yeah well Leeds have been a great club and will be again. You’ll always be a tinpot Meccano outfit there just to make up the numbers. How many trophies have you won, in round figures? Gordon Smith eh? Remember him? Losers.

    • Cunningplan Reply

      – but we seem yo be on the up…
      What about you?

  6. Nige Reply

    How the mighty Leeds United have fallen when the minnows of Brighton are laughing at our expense. A quick Goggle on Brighton’s history confirmed my thoughts that little Brighton has never won anything, only ever played in one FA cup final, and never played in Europe. While LUFC are well known, in all corners of the world. Enjoy your two minutes of sniggering seagulls fans. At least I have had the pleasure of watching my team win the title and become champions of England. Are Brighton fans ever likely to witness their team doing this? Answer. Very unlikely.

  7. Cunningplan Reply

    I don’t ‘smirk’ at any other club’s misfortunes – and recognise the need to be a bit sensitive about emotions expressed by other clubs’ supporters. But some Leeds fans (including ones on here) express a kind of ‘entitlement’ because of past glories.
    That is not a good idea!

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