Amazing drone footage shows West Pier from the inside – but don’t be tempted to have a look yourself!

Posted On 05 May 2016 at 2:58 pm

Red danger buoys are to be placed around the West Pier next month to dissuade paddle boarders and swimmers from attempting to get too close to the crumbling structure.

This amazing video shows what the structure looks like when you get right up close – but it was filmed using a waterproof drone hovering just above the water.

The West Pier Trust has warned not to attempt trying to get the same view in person, as the remaining iron frame is not stable and hidden dangers lurk under the water’s surface too.

Rachel Clark, chief executive of the West Pier Trust, said: “We always used to have marker buoys there (they can only be in place during the summer season, like the council ones, as stormy weather displaces them) but they became prohibitively expensive.

“Now the trust’s financial position is more secure plus anticipating the increased traffic there’s likely to be from this summer with i360, we decided to bite the bullet and reinstate them.”

Paul Nelson, who shot the splash drone video last Thursday, said it was only possible “with a little help from my friend”.

He said: “We flew the drone very low/carefully over the glassy water. We did it a few times. This was the steadiest footage we managed to get.”

  1. malcolm marshall Reply

    Brilliant just the music spoils it the sound of the water would have been nicer

  2. Sally Reply

    Amazing video, I loved the music, very eerie. I love Brighton. X

  3. Sophie Cook Reply

    There’s no way that was filmed by a drone, it’s filmed with the same GoPro mounted on the board that the rest of the footage is, you can tell by the movement of the waves affecting the camera. So we’re to believe that he had a drone but only used it for that shot and none of the other ones!

    • Al Reply


  4. David Flack Reply

    Absolute rubbish about the waterproof drone hovering just above the water! There aren’t any waterproof drones and you can tell from the rocking motion that it’s filmed from a paddleboard!

  5. Alec Newton Reply

    i wish they would rebuild something like it again one day !

  6. Dogboy Reply

    No way that was filmed by with a drone – the camera goes up and down on the waves as it would if it were, for example, a go pro on a paddle board…

  7. rolivan Reply

    Meanwhile Rachel Clark has had a huge pay rise and will be paying back the money borrowed from Marks Barfield to the tune of £200,000 for what exactly and will just fritter away the rental income they receive.As it is Grade 1 listed it cannot be Demolished and yet what did they do to gain access to build the i360?

  8. Sally cannondale Reply

    Lovely video, I like the eerie, haunting music. Brighton Rocks. X

  9. Patsy Breensy Reply

    It was a floating drone – a blind man can see that. They can fly, land, take off and everything. I am getting one – they are all the rage where I live

  10. Georgie Porgie Reply

    My mate John drones on and on down the pub. It’s all Brighton and Hove Albion with him. He never shuts up. I hate him. Though I don’t see how people droning on and this video are related. I believe the new Muse album is a concept album about John. I hate it too.

    • Rogue bogey & the brazzie waxed Indian Reply

      finally somebody talking sense – side though: has anyone thought of reporting this very obvious flaunter of the law to the pier police I wonder

  11. Kes Reply

    My mate Tim has a trained a Seagull, he´s named him ´Sam´, similar to ´Kes´I guess. . He has devised a GoPro mount for his bird. Much cheaper than a Drone. Great video, shame there were no Brighton Bikini clad girls in it. Spooky stuff. What we need is a new shiny pier. We can disassemble the old West Pier and resurrect it somewhere even more spooky on the South Downs. Somewhere everyone can see it for miles. Heh, what do I know.

  12. David Reply

    Eastbourne pier get burnt down Hastings pier same Brighton council let the pier rot my opinion before fire took all top of placed on hove lawn made something out it like a gallery. Brighton council rather waste money by putting cycle lanes down one way Street building that horrible 360 thing having that wheel by palace pier if me would put wheel on Devils dyke view would be dramatic

  13. Alex Reply

    The majority of the video is of him paddling away in the sea on his board rather than inside the actual pier. Although the 5 seconds of going through the pier was rather moving.

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