Brighton fire chiefs report 15 flood call-outs in one hour

Posted On 28 May 2016 at 7:40 pm

Brighton fire chiefs reported a spike in calls during and after heavy downpours today (Saturday 28 May).

In one hour alone 15 calls were received from Brighton, according to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

Fire chiefs urged the public to heed the yellow warning of rain by the Met Office, which updated its severe weather warning this morning. Forecasters predicted up to inch and a quarter (30mm) of rain in places.

With more rain on the way as people return to work on Tuesday (31 May), fire chiefs urged people to take notice of its advice.

This included a reminder that “during extreme weather, we prioritise calls where lives may be at risk”.

The fire service said that examples included “when flood water is affecting electrics in buildings, where a building or structure has become dangerous to passers-by or when there has been a road traffic collision”.

It added: “Where lives are not at immediate risk, a number of other organisations may be better placed to help and we ask that people consider other options.”

The Met Office said: “Although some places will remain dry during Saturday, scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms, already across parts of the south east of England, are likely to develop more widely through the afternoon and continue into the evening, with some localised intense downpours likely.

“Hail is likely in some of the storms, which could produce 20mm to 30mm of rain within an hour in a few places.”

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