Brighton MP urges “a period of calm” after vote to leave EU

Posted On 24 Jun 2016 at 9:20 am

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas has called for “a period of calm” after David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister this morning (Friday 24 June).

The Green MP – a former MEP (Member of the European Parliament) – said: “David Cameron was right to announce his resignation this morning – and indicate that Article 50 (the rules about leaving) will be invoked by the next Prime Minister.

“The country needs a period of calm over the next few months to lessen the economic impact of Brexit on working people up and down the country.”

She called for electoral reform to address “the deep sense of alienation in our communities” and repeated the words of South East England MEP Keith Taylor, a former Brighton councillor, saying: “Brexiteers must now live up to their pledge to hand control to the British people by committing to proportional representation for the House of Commons and a fully elected second chamber.

“It’s abundantly clear that the two-party system no longer represents the will of the people and that major reforms are needed to address the deep sense of alienation in so many of our communities.

“Progressives must not now fight among ourselves. We must unite to challenge any planned post-Brexit austerity or bonfire of environmental and workers’ rights.

“To engage in inter-party squabbling while our constituents suffer would be criminal.”

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Very interesting Caroline – now when did ‘Brexiteers’ actually say that they would ‘commit to proportional representation for the House of Commons and a fully elected second chamber’?

    The Leave campaign was a cross-party group to support leaving the EU – nothing, AFAIK, about implementing any voting reform – just like the Remain group that you supported and they lost.

    Or was this something that came to you in a vision?

    Or are you desperately ‘clutching at straws’ as Keith Taylor will soon be out of a job and you are just the one remaining Green MP looking at a very bleak period in the wilderness of politics now that Green Party views in the UK looks to be of no value whatsoever?

    As they say, it is only an idiot that kicks away the ladder they climbed to get into power.

    Perhaps time you looked for another job, or joined your friend Jeremy Corbyn in the new-old Labour Party that mimics almost all the objectives of the Green Party.

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