Animal show at Brighton nightclub cancelled after public outcry

Posted On 02 Aug 2016 at 4:32 pm

A Brighton nightclub has decided against showing live animals at a Pride Zoo event this weekend after a wave of protests from animal lovers.
Shooshh nightclub on King’s Road was planning to host a snake act as part of its Zoo Carnival event on Saturday night, as it has done in the past, where snakes and other reptiles would be on display for clubbers to see and interact with.

But after concerned animal lovers contacted Brighton and Hove City Council and the RSPCA, it decided to cancel that aspect of the night.

It said on Facebook: “Thank you for your messages with your concerns about our live animal snake act. While being completely legal and approved, we have indeed decided to cancel the snake act after your response and messages.

“We deeply appreciate all the input and suggestions. There will be no animals at this Saturday’s Zoo event.”

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An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “We have serious concerns for the welfare of any animals used in a bar or nightclub environment.

“This kind of setting is busy, has bright lights, loud music and large numbers of people – all of which would be terrifying for these animals. In short, a nightclub is no place for wild animals.

“The RSPCA is concerned about the welfare of animals in entertainment, as it is a largely unregulated area.

“The society does not endorse the use of animals in any form of entertainment, but if approached we will offer advice which aims to ensure animals used are free from pain, injury, suffering and that any impact on their welfare minimised to an acceptable degree.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are pleased that, following advice from our animal wardens, and the concerns of the public and the RSPCA, the nightclub has decided to remove the live animal act from its performance.”

More information about the welfare of performing animals can be found here.

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