Brighton barman leaves job after throwing out young disabled woman

Posted On 09 Aug 2016 at 9:52 pm

A barman at a Brighton pub is leaving his job “with immediate effect” after he threw out a young disabled woman on Sunday evening (7 August).

The general manager of the Mash Tun said that a disability charity – run by people who use its services – would come and give training to staff at the Brighton pub.

And he repeated the apology given last night (Monday 8 August) after a Facebook post about the incident went viral.

The post was written by Jenny Skelton after her daughter Charlie, 19, crouched to the floor when she was startled by a sudden blast of loud music.

When a barman said that Charlie had to leave the pub, on the corner of Church Street and New Road, Jenny tried to explain that her daughter has a chromosome abnormality. But the barman – who claimed to be the licensee – told her that she had to leave the empty pub.

The Mash Tun’s general manager, Aaron Williams, known as Azzy, said: “We have now fully investigated what happened on Sunday evening at the Mash Tun.

“The staff member concerned and the management team have mutually agreed that that staff member is to leave the Mash Tun with immediate effect.

“What we understand was a decision based on an interpretation of the licensing laws and vulnerability was ill judged and has come across as discriminatory.

Charlie Skelton

Charlie Skelton

“It was a terrible mistake we are now attempting to correct so it does not happen again.

“Huge lessons have been learned and if anything positive can come out of it, we hope our mistake will help raise awareness of these issues.

“We have spoken to Enable Me which is a user-led charity in Sussex. They specialise in disability awareness training and will be coming to do a session with the whole team to help us in providing a better service. We have invited Jenny to join us on the session to help offer advice.

“We are doing everything we can to make amends for what has happened. This has truly been a devastating time for everyone involved.

“We ask people to understand there was no premeditation and malice in this incident and we hope we can help Jenny in raising awareness off the back of our truly regrettable mistake.

“Above all, Charlie – we’re sorry, we’re learning and you’re always welcome.”

  1. rachel Reply

    Very good outcome. Love the message directly to Charlie.

  2. rachel Reply

    Also, hopefully the barman concerned has realized he didn’t get it right this time, learns from it, and goes on to have a great ‘next job’. No need to keep flogging him, there’s been quite enough of that.

  3. Ashley Swift Reply

    Why did he actually kick her out? this story is badly written and has given my a ball-ache

  4. linda Brouder Reply

    Glad that it’s all been sorted out, I hope it never happens again.

  5. Mags Cropper Reply

    I’m so pleased that the pub management team have acted so promptly and positively re: the direct and sincere apology to Charlie, and the disability awareness training. I hope too, that the barman realises his mistake. It’s good to read the outcome of these stories of discrimination.

  6. Keith Farrell Reply

    Thankfully this business is taking action to teach their staff.
    Yes I’m also disabled. If you see me sitting. Driving or even walking a short distance. From my flat to the car. You would think I’m not disabled.
    But I am. I live in pain. On Tramadol 24 hours a day. Slow release. I’m used to the medication and it takes the edge off the pain.
    Recently I had a big problem with blood clots. As they have gone to my lungs. It also seems I had a heart attack.
    I’m so tired of the tv making us disabled out to be scrongers.
    Did you know you get PIP, not means tested, and ESA, means tested. Basically this means that a spouse gets punished if the work even a few hours because they are expected not only to assist and look after their spouse but to also take on the burden of all the household expenses.
    My spouse left me. It was the only way we could survive. Finally, we have had a divorce. That cause my heart attack, the blood clots. And hospitalisation. Now I’m slowly on the road to recovery. But why. I’m alone. Depend on a carer that costs me over £150 per month. Yip. No help there.
    Don’t for one moment believe, being disabled is a choice. It can happen to you.
    A disabled person should have an income equal to a living wage. £10.50 per hour. At least. Remember we cannot earn extra money. We should still have and enjoy a life.
    Drug adicts and drunks are not disabled. That is a lifestyle choice. There is plenty of treatment for addiction available. It works. A disability is where you can only treat the Simtoms to make life worth living.

  7. tyga Reply

    You said your staff will get training from this charity so why make the boy leave his job? We all make mistakes and as long as he apologises and is willing to learn that should be the end of it.

    • RpT Reply

      Because facebook blew up and demanded it.

      • Mitch Reply

        And because someone with this kind of attitude is probably not best suited to customer service.

    • Mitch Reply

      Because he has a prejudice against disabled people? Kinda like being racist or homophobic?

  8. Norbert Delacroix Reply

    St. John’s School and College, a learning disability organisation and charity in Brighton & Seaford, work very closely with businesses and the community to stop this sort of thing from happening and teach people about awareness. Well worth checking them out!

  9. RF Reply

    There were at least two staff involved in this incident. Why has only one been asked to leave?

  10. Shani Mubasher Reply

    Really heartwarming to see how management have dealt with this mistake!! Retail business would do well to invite enlightenment from disability charities and should be law with certification displayed in all business premises. Our disabled have been dealt a low blow for too long! Time to realise they are people first and foremost the same as you and me.❤️

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