Brighton and Hove faces a wet Friday followed by a windy weekend before it warms up again

Posted On 18 Aug 2016 at 8:42 pm

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning forecasting strong winds as the weekend gets under way.

After a downpour tomorrow afternoon (Friday 19 August) with a bit of a bluster at times, the winds are expected to gather pace on Saturday.

The official forecaster said today (Thursday 18 August): “A spell of unseasonably strong southwesterly winds, accompanied by heavy, blustery showers, is expected to develop across the south of the UK later on Friday.

“Winds will peak early on Saturday through the Bristol Channel area, before slowly transferring east across the south of England.

“Additionally the strongest winds will lead to large waves around exposed coastlines.

“Gusts of 40mph to 45mph inland and 50mph to very locally 60mph along exposed coastlines are expected.

“Please be aware that these may lead to disruption to transport and in view of the time of the year there is increased potential for disruption to outdoor activities.

“An area of low pressure developing to the southwest of the UK is expected to intensify into an unseasonably intense feature over the next 24 to 36 hours as it slowly moves northeast. “Strengthening winds on its southern flank are likely to move into southwestern areas on Friday but the peak in wind strength will be across southwest England and south Wales at first on Saturday, spreading along the south coast of England through the course of the day.”

Temperatures will start to pick up again on Sunday, although residual gusts will take the edge of the heat. And by Monday as the winds die down, the temperature will creep up further. Top temperatures for much of the week are likely to be in the mid seventies – about 75F or 24C.

  1. Bonita Holland Reply

    Will the i360 still ‘fly’ in strong winds what’s its limits?

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