Saudi maid disappears during stay in Hove

Posted On 02 Oct 2016 at 10:51 am

A Saudi Arabian maid has disappeared during a stay in Hove with her employer’s family.

Sussex Police said: “Police are increasingly concerned for the welfare of a woman from Saudi Arabia who has not been seen since she left an address where she was staying in Hove.

“Johmeia Hamed, 49, originally from Eritrea but now a Saudi national, went missing overnight on Sunday 18 to Monday 19 September from address she was staying at in New Church Road, Hove.

“She was a servant/maid with a Saudi family who live in Saudi Arabia and who had been staying at their summer home in Hove for a few days from (Sunday) 18 September. They returned home on (Wednesday) 21 September.

“Johmeia is described as 5ft tall, thin and of middle eastern appearance. She is believed to have left the address wearing a headdress and jeans and to have taken some personal belongings.

“She has never left the family before in the 20 years she has been with them.

“There is no reason at present to believe her disappearance is suspicious but because of her unfamiliarity with the country and apparent lack of English, there is natural increasing concern for her welfare.”
Anyone who sees her or knows where she may be is asked to phone Sussex Police on 101 or email

  1. Polly Spooner Reply

    ‘Servant never left the family in 20 years’ sounds like she made a successful getaway! The very word Servant, feels so close to the word Slave. Slave implying she belongs to the family,that she has no rights or freedom to travel or leave the family who most likely have her passport and pay her way below a reasonable salary.
    It would be interesting if the media follow this case and investigate further.
    I may be wrong,she may have worked for the family for 20 years due to the high salary and luxurious working conditions!

  2. Kate Reply

    Sounds like modern slavery.

  3. Megan Reply

    I didn’t like the word servant maid I thought the same but I may be wrong

  4. Bob Pendlebury Reply

    Hope she’s safe, but why was she in this country in the first place?

  5. Nicki Reply

    I don’t believe for one moment that the police are ‘concerned for [her] welfare’. They are concerned that she will stay here illegally. The photo posted is likely from her passport that is held by the wealthy family she is servant/slave/maid to. Perhaps she finally decided that she had to get away, with or without her passport!

    Sad that the police get involved in this way to aid the oppressors. If I see her, I’ll contact an interpreter through The Sussex Interpreting Service and find out what SHE wants to do.

    Or this could just be a story I made up.

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