5 things that provoked our thoughts as Brighton & Hove Albion beat Wolves

Posted On 19 Oct 2016 at 9:24 am

1) How long have the North Stand waited to chant ‘Connor GOLDson’ to the tune of Spandau Ballet’s Gold? After the young defender filled in at right back, after Bruno went off injured. 

2) Why did it take Goldson so long to get on the pitch after  Bruno signalled his discomfort to the bench? He sat crouched down for at least 3 minutes  looking like he was putting his boots on! Even the 4th official appeared to enquire what the hold  up was. If Chris Hughton told me to get on the pitch for the Albion I’d be ready yesterday. Or the day before. 

3) On that note why did Anthony Knockeart take so long to vacate the pitch when he was substituted in stoppage time?  Stunning performance Knocky. Milk the applause of course. But Keith Stroud was always going to add on the time. 

4) Keith Stroud. How many times this season as ref or 4th Official for an evening match? I’ll wager he’s officiated at least twenty times for a 7:45pm kick off since the Amex opened. Did a good job though. 

5) Is The Withdean firework man now at the Amex? Just one solitary banger though  behind the south stand in stoppage time . In between a thousand or so Wolves corners. Maybe the Withdean Screamer will make a comeback. Or perhaps his voice will have finally broken. I still shudder that a fully grown man boasted on Ian Harts phone- in about  screaming at football matches. 

  1. Burt Andrews Reply

    Yet another well written, well structure piece that kept me gripped from start to finish and left me gasping for breath as I yearned for more!!
    I’m in awe of the way Tim effortlessly manipulates the English language as he draws the reader in with a mix of humour, wit and charm whilst delivering the facts in a way only he knows how. I true pioneer of our times of the likes we have never seen before and may never see again… Certainly not in our lifetimes.

    He’s like the Paul Gadd of the journalism world, a true leader of the gang.

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