Brighton hospital A&E diverts patients after water main bursts

Posted On 24 Oct 2016 at 7:35 pm

Part of the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital was closed this evening (Monday 24 October) after a water main burst.

Some ambulance patients were diverted from the Brighton hospital’s A&E to the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Haywards Heath.

The burst pipe in the Pathology Department seeped through the floor to some of the A&E bays below.

Medics are still treating walk-in patients but ambulance drivers are being asked to take some patients with major injuries to the PRH for the time being.

The trust which runs both hospitals – Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) – said that staff were clearing up.

A spokesman said that they would need to carry out checks, for example, to the electrics, before the bays could be brought back into use.

“It’s affecting a limited number of patients,” he added.

  1. Joanna Turner Reply

    There is no such thing as an ambulance driver! Please get your facts right. Using terms like this is highly disrespectful to the amazing work that paramedics, technicians and emergency care support workers do. They don’t just drive ambulances

    • Paulbysea Reply

      Accuracy and fact checking is never a priority for journalists in the rush to publish a story. At least the the hack didn’t call them ambulance men.

  2. Susie Reply

    I agree with you there

    They are NOT just a driver
    They are the ones first on scene and save so many lives ….

  3. Hector Reply

    I am fed uo chading them tricking my payslip to pay less than the money I should receive , having delays or missing payments etc etc
    In fact they owe to me 400 gbp in extra hour bank to cover sick colleague from 3 weeks ago (I am on the weekly payment) and they don’t reply at the enails or give me silly excuses at the phone,like the system
    Is collapsed now , call later etc… disgusting , also the miss comunication in between payrol and bank office is unacceptable and something that needs to be reported and taken seriously by the authorities , I wont work long hours again anymore , good luck

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