A27 Brighton bypass closed after crash near Southwick tunnel

Posted On 30 Nov 2016 at 5:01 pm

A section of the A27 Brighton bypass is closed after a crash near the Southwick tunnel this afternoon (Wednesday 30 November).

Sussex Police said: “Emergency services are on the scene for a collision near Shoreham.

“Police were called to the A27 near to the Southwick tunnel at shortly before 4pm to a collision involving a car and the barrier.

“It happened eastbound after the tunnel and the road is currently closed while emergency vehicles are on scene.”

Traffic was reported to be queuing for five miles from as far back as the Shoreham flyover as the evening rush hour got under way.

Sussex Police added: “Please avoid the A27 near Shoreham if you can.”

  1. Phill Reply

    I do hope no 1 is badly heart

  2. Frequent A27er Reply

    Sort the A27 out its beyond a joke!!!

  3. Daily A27 trucker Reply

    Happened about 30 seconds in front of me….a Blue TVR came past my truck at Holmbush like I was standing still…less than a minute later it was ruined.
    Too much pace used by too many people on this road….go steady out there folks, it ain’t worth it!

    • Kieron Reply

      Was there a blue Ford focus involved because they come racing down past me I was sat at the side of the road in a rhino van The focus and the car in front which I didn’t say because they were bumper-to-bumper so I hope that’s not the reason that they crashedr

    • Stuey Reply

      I was stuck in the tunnel as they sorted out the wreck. Once we got going again and passed what was left of the car, some berk 90+mph – you’d have thought what the driver had just seen might have made him think better of it!

  4. Tiny Reply

    At 70mph one is always the slowest on that stretch of the road, but hat can you expect there are never any police to check traffic these days

  5. Greg Reply

    My Dad was driving the TVR. Fortunately he’s gotten away with merely a few broken ribs and a concussion. As previously noted the car was not so lucky. Reports of racing with the blue Focus are complete rubbish. He overtook the Focus but nothing more dramatic than that. Accident occurred due to one wheel spinning up in tunnel which sent him into the wall. Was going around 70mph at the time…

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