Twitten takes to Twitter to complain about blocked drain

Posted On 15 Dec 2016 at 12:02 pm

A Twitter account has been set up in the name of a Brighton twitten to complain about a blocked drain and bins blocking its narrow passageway.

Pool Passage, which runs from the Old Steine to Pool Valley, has been partially under filthy water for about five weeks after the drain started to overflow.

And the Vince McShane, the resident who set up the account, is also concerned that commercial bins, which are often overturned, could present a fire hazard.

The Spearhead

Mr McShane said: “I set up the account after five weeks of complaints to Brighton and Hove City Council went ignored.

“I created this account in hopes of some action. At least they reply here, still no action though.”

However, the city council said it was hoping to fix the drain as soon as possible. A spokesman said: “Our highways team are investigating the blocked drain as quickly as possible. Our enforcement team are investigating the position of the bins.”

A spokeswoman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We can confirm we were contacted via social media by a member of the public concerned about the position of bins in an alley way in Brighton.

“We have spoken to local businesses to give them advice.

“We received reassurances from one business that they regularly check whether their bins have been moved by third parties, moving them back into place.

“No further action is being taken by the fire and rescue service at this time.”

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