Caroline Lucas deploys classic social media putdown in spat with Katie Hopkins

Posted On 22 Feb 2017 at 11:40 am

U okay hun? Originally the first response to vaguebooking which morphed into a classic social media insult, the phrase has now been used as a political putdown by Brighton MP Caroline Lucas.

Ms Lucas was responding to a tweet from Katie Hopkins linking to her column, in which she claimed the Brighton Pavilion MP and her “lesbian vegan” constituents objected to a state visit for Donald Trump because he likes eating burgers.

In fact, when Ms Lucas spoke during the debate, triggered by a petition signed by almost 2 million people, she cited his contempt for climate change as a reason not to invite him.

She said in Parliament: “A higher percentage of constituents from Brighton signed the petition than from any other constituency and I am proud to represent them today.

Spacewords Brighton

“Many of them have raised not only Trump’s misogyny and racism but his contempt for basic climate science. Does the hon. Gentleman agree that someone who has shown such effrontery to basic climate science is another reason he should not come here on a state visit?”

In response to the controversial Mail columnist’s tweet, Ms Lucas said she was representing not just vegan lesbians, but also bi people, gay people, trans people, people of colour and everyone else.

The exchange in full:

  1. Gossip rag #2 Reply

    Worst comeback ever from Lucas. And not news. That’s you and me finished B&H news

  2. Simon Reply

    I live in Brighton and she doesn’t represent me or my votes, she has her own pompous egohipster feminist agenda and shes no lefty! Actions like this prove she is sour grapes and regressive.

    • Dave Thomas Reply

      U OK Hun?

  3. Ellen Forester Reply

    She is a good MP and works hard for her constituents. I know two people she has helped, and no, they are not gay/whatever – not that it matters either way!

  4. Lawrence Reply

    “u OK hun”

    Made my day.

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