‘Crazed’ man who flashed one woman and bit another’s arm jailed for eight weeks

Posted On 27 Feb 2017 at 5:50 pm

A homeless man who exposed himself to one woman then bit another’s arm in London Road last week has been jailed for eight weeks and added to the sex offenders’ register today.

London Road

London Road

Richard Packman, 45, pleaded guilty this morning to assault, indecent exposure and resisting arrest in connection with the attacks on Thursday morning.

Packman, who is unemployed and of no fixed abode, was stopped by two police officers who saw him biting the second woman, 57, outside a charity shop as they were on patrol.

The first woman, 27, then told the officers he had also flashed her then hit her with a newspaper.

One woman who saw the second attack said: “I saw a guy biting on a lady’s arm in a crazed fashion by the British Heart Foundation shop at about 9.30am. He was clearly on drugs, and was gnawing this frightened lady. She seemed shocked and was trying to get him off.

“Luckily, someone must have called/radioed the police, as an unmarked car came and took him away. A couple of burly cops struggled to get him in the car, even when handcuffed.

“It looked like he was on meth – not that I really know, but we’ve all seen those videos.”

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