Albanians make a song and dance for the Brighton Fringe

Posted On 12 May 2017 at 7:03 pm

Albanians living and working in and around Brighton and Hove put on an outdoor show for the Fringe.

They took to the Unity Stage in Jubilee Square, Brighton, and showcased their own culture and others from around the world.

Albanians in Sussex at the Brighton Fringe – Picture courtesy of Martin Bloomfield / Bloomfield Digital

The six-hour community-focused extravaganza was supported by Brighton Fringe bosses Julian Caddy and Joanna Hedges and organised by the group Albanians in Sussex.

One of the group’s supporters, PC Nikki Dinero, said: “The main star had to be the 12-year-old ballet dancer with his opening and closing performance on behalf of Albanians in Sussex.

“I’m really pleased to say it was a great success for Albanians in Sussex, with so many people turning up and participating.

“It reflected the warmth of the Albanian people, who obviously – at any opportunity – enjoy a good dance!”

There were also performances from a Caribbean steel band, Brazilian dancers and the Chutzpah Choir with the London Yiddish Choir. And a Indian-British romance was staged at the event.

Sussex Police lent their support and Detective Chief Inspector Stu Hale said: “The North Brazilian drummers could be heard as far back at the police station.”

Brazilian dancers at at a Brighton Fringe event organised by Albanians in Sussex – Picture courtesy of Martin Bloomfield / Bloomfield Digital

Enver Godanci, a member of the Albanian community who has lived in Brighton and Hove since 1990 and owns Tosca Ristorante in Shoreham, said: “Events like these really help to spread the word about how the Albanian people have rich and diverse culture.

“Many of us have lived and worked in Brighton, Hove and the wider Sussex area from many years and never express our culture openly.

“This was a great opportunity for us to display our culture to the people of Brighton and Hove. It was also warming to see other vibrant cultures perform.

Albanians in Sussex at the Brighton Fringe – Picture courtesy of Martin Bloomfield / Bloomfield Digital

“A big thanks must go to our community champion PC Nikki Denero for all her hard work and the support she has given us.

“We have family and friends who have had difficulties with the authorities and internal problems with certain elements trying to disrupt the whole community.

“She has helped us improve our profile in the community and given us confidence to approach the police and people in authority for help and support and be trusted too.”

He also thanked Councillor Andrew Wealls, from Brighton and Hove City Council, for his support.

  1. Brian Reply

    Er, the first picture is of Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul – presenting sights and sounds from North East Brasil!

    • Frank le Duc Reply

      Yep, they’re mentioned – though not by name – in the seventh paragraph. The story makes clear, I hope, that there were different nationalities and cultures on the international Unity Stage, at an event organised by the Albanian community. I’ve moved the photo down the page and hopefully made the caption clearer too. Thanks for the shout.

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