Scam caller targets Brighton and Hove businesses

Posted On 15 May 2017 at 6:52 pm

A scam caller has been targeting businesses in Brighton and Hove, with trading standards and police officers warning people to be alert.

The council said: “A warning has been issued by Brighton and Hove City Council’s trading standards service and Sussex Police about a new scam.

“An individual has been calling businesses in the city claiming to be the chief crime prevention officer working for the police.

“During the call, the man claims that the manager of the business has previously agreed to pay money to support the police.

“The caller attempts to encourage payment by offering a significant discount for immediate payment.

“If this is refused, the caller will attempt to pressurise the business into paying, including threatening court action.

“Sussex Police have confirmed that no one from the police will contact a business by telephone requesting payment of money or asking for a contribution to the police.

“Trading standards advise businesses not to speak with callers like this and to terminate the call.

“Businesses can stay safe and alert by having a clear policy about who in the organisation can authorise expenditure or agree to make payments.

“Businesses should also take care when processing invoices to make sure that the invoice is actually from a supplier they know and is for goods or services that they have a record of ordering.”

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