The Great Escape 2017 is upon us – Last years event made Brighton buzz with energy.

Posted On 16 May 2017 at 8:33 pm

At last the wait is over, The Great Escape 2017 is finally here!

As per last year, the city will be hosting hundreds of music events across the three day event (18-20 May). There will be big venues and small venues, but the enthusiasm of the crowds will justifiably be the same as last year.

We are aiming to bring you as many reports and photographs as humanly possible in the coming week or so. In 2016 we managed to witness no less than 30 concerts by 29 up and coming music acts from right across the world.

So to get you in the mood for some TGE fever, this is what we saw last year. We were fortunate to witness on day one: Vallis Alps (Australia), Shortstraw (South Africa), Anna Of The North (Norway), Eera (Norway), Transviolet (USA), Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? (Finland), Let’s Eat Grandma (UK), Sudakistan (Sweden) and Kiko Bun (UK).

Vallis Alps (TGE 2016)

Shortstraw (TGE 2016)

Anna Of The North (TGE 2016)

Eera (TGE 2016)

Transviolet (TGE 2016)

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? (TGE 2016)

Let’s Eat Grandma (TGE 2016 Day 1)

Sudakistan (TGE 2016)

Kiko Bun (TGE 2016)

On day two we watched: Whoanows (UK), K-X-P (Finland), DBFC (France), Amber Arcades (Holland), Man Of Moon (UK), LCMDF (Finland), Girli (UK), Inheaven (UK), Holy Esque (UK), PAUW (Holland), and Let’s Eat Grandma (again!) (UK).

Whoanows (TGE 2016)

K-X-P (TGE 2016)

DBFC (TGE 2016)

Amber Arcades (TGE 2016)

Man Of Moon (TGE 2016)

LCMDF (TGE 2016)

Girli (TGE 2016)

Inheaven (TGE 2016)

Holy Esque (TGE 2016)

PAUW (TGE 2016)

Let’s Eat Grandma (TGE 2016 Day 2)

On the final third day we took in: Kelly Lee Owens (UK), Grenadiers (Australia), The Fin. (Japan), Ary (Norway), Jones (UK), Nadine Carina (Switzerland), Bayonne (USA), Anna Meredith (UK), Nzca Lines (UK) and finally Deeper Upper (Lithuania).

Kelly Lee Owens (TGE 2016)

Grenadiers (TGE 2016)

The Fin. (TGE 2016)

Ary (TGE 2016)

Jones (TGE 2016)

Nadine Carina (TGE 2016)

Bayonne (TGE 2016)

Anna Meredith (TGE 2016)

Nzca Lines (TGE 2016)

Deeper Upper (TGE 2016)

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