Another Brighton business falls victim to Southern chaos as popular restaurant closes

Posted On 15 Jun 2017 at 2:15 pm

A popular Brighton restaurant has suddenly closed after its owner decided not to renew the lease following months of reduced trade during the Southern Rail debacle.

Jamie Everton-Jones started 24 St George’s four years ago, and in that time it built a great reputation and a loyal following.

But as a destination restaurant, about 30% of its diners came down from London – and when the trains stopped running reliably, so did the customers.

Add in increased food costs because of Brexit, plus stiffer competition from a clutch of Michelin starred chefs opening in Brighton and Hove, and Mr Everton-Jones decided to cut his losses and go out on a high, with the last service on Saturday.

He said: “It was all going well but there has been a squeeze on the business becauase of the train strikes. Being a destination restaurant, and not in the centre of town, meant about 20-30% of our trade was people coming down from London. The strikes meant people had the fear of coming down.

“The whole Brexit thing meant people were tightening their belts and the cost of produce has gone up, but we haven’t been able to increase our prices.

“The lease had ended and was up for renewal and I had to make a decision whether to sign a 10 year lease. It seemed like the right time to close the restaurant, on a high rather than having to change what we were doing.

“There are all these Michelin star chefs opening restaurants in Brighton, which will be great in the long term, but in the short term everyone is trying those restaurants and not coming back to us.

“I have got a young family – my youngest is the same age as the restaurant, so it seemed like a good time to step back. I’m not going to be opening anywhere else in the near future.

“We had about ten staff, and they’ve all been looked after. I’m very proud of what we did, and I would like to thank all our customers, and my awesome staff. The restaurant wouldn’t have been what it was without them.”

  1. IEB Reply

    That’s very sad – we weren’t there a lot but when we ate out in Brighton it was our favourite place. Lovely food and very nice staff

  2. Lynne Gillett Reply

    Oh I’m SO sad about that. Brighton’s best fine dining restaurant. Jamie and all his staff were so lovely, and fantastic neighbours. Going to miss them terribly at Barbary Lane, as will the whole Village community 🙁 please come see me sometimes lovelies xxx

  3. Avangelist Reply

    Sorry, but it is impossible to claim that this is responsible to Southern – the other factor is more the case, competition is higher and the menu and marketing unfortunately didn’t hit the spot.

    Journalist – think: fact? Or opinion? Then write that.

  4. Charles Wunderman Reply

    Brighton has been a prime London destination since the trains started running in 1841. With the terrible, unreliable, often non-existent service we see now, and the the threat of more of it to come, you can expect to see MANY Brighton & Hove shops & restaurants close. Very, very sad. I agree with owner. Personally, I know that none of my London friends come down anymore, simply because of the terrible trains. No trains, much fewer customers.

  5. Stuart Morris Reply

    Sadly one of my favourite restaurants is no more. We always had amazing meals there & will miss both the staff & the restaurant itself.
    Good luck for the future!

  6. Nicky Reply

    I’m devastated! 24 St Georges was our whole reason for coming to Brighton. It will be sadly missed as we’ve been going from when they started. RIP Victor RIP 24 St Georges 🙁

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