Big Lemon to showcase solar travel for Catch the Bus Week

Posted On 03 Jul 2017 at 12:50 pm

A Brighton bus company is to showcase its first solar-powered vehicle in Churchill Square as part of Catch the Bus Week.

The Big Lemon said that it would be taking the area’s first zero-emissions bus to the city centre so that people could see the route to cleaner and greener public transport.

The Big Lemon’s first solar-powered bus entered service in April

The company said: “The Big Lemon’s new solar bus will be prominent in Brighton city centre tomorrow to give a boost to Catch the Bus Week, a national promotion of bus travel.

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“The new solar bus Om Shanti, which means ‘peace’, will be parked at Churchill Square for 30 minutes from 1.45pm to showcase the new technology.

“And managing director Norman Baker will be there to hand out free lemons to the public.

“Catch the Bus Week is also being supported by the city council, Brighton area Buswatch, and other operators including Brighton and Hove Buses.”

Mr Baker, a former Transport Minister, said: “A good bus service is important for the economy, the environment and for social mobility.

“Brighton and Hove has a good bus system but we are keen to help make this even better.

“The more people we can get travelling by bus, the more we can get people out of their cars and on to buses, so easing congestion for all road users, as well as helping cut air pollution.

“Our new solar-powered electric bus is living proof that bus travel is very much part of a clean and sustainable future for road transport.”

  1. Rolivan Reply

    What did Norman Baker achieve for the people of Sussex whilst he was a Minister and M.P.answers on a Postage Stamp.I think it bizarre to hand out Lemons as a P.R stunt do they expect people yo suck on them?

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