Portuguese Man O’ War spotted on Shoreham beach

Posted On 13 Oct 2017 at 9:50 pm

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is warning people to be careful on Sussex beaches after a Portuguese Man O’ War washed up on Shoreham beach.

By Graeme Lyons

The sea creatures can cause incredibly painful stings which in some cases csn be fatal.

Scores have been washed up on beaches in the south west in recent weeks, with marine experts blaming strong westerly winds pounding the British coastline.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust said: “Portuguese Man O’ War have been spotted around the UK’s western coast for a couple of weeks now and they have finally made it to Sussex. This one was spotted today near Shoreham.

“Despite its similar appearance, this isn’t a jellyfish, a man o’ war is a siphonophore – a type of an animal that is made up of a colony of organisms working together.

“The gas-filled bladder, acts as a sail. Their long tentacles can result in a painful sting so please don’t touch if you see one.”

  1. Lisa Rutherford Reply

    I spotted one today, washed up on the beach at Seven Sisters

  2. tiggy Reply

    We have seen loads of these washed up on the pebble ridge on Ynyslas beach opposite Aberdovey, Wales ….. at first thought they were some weird form of,plastic that popped when trodden on …… glad to say our dogs were more,interested in chasing gulls …….

  3. Alex Conkleton Reply

    There’s currently one on the first beach on the East side of Shoreham Harbour sea wall.

  4. owen holloway Reply

    there were more than 10 along seaton beach

  5. Ruddigore Reply

    In Australia, we just ignore them and go swimming. They are freaking everywhere. Minor nucence. Your dog is fine. No more of a menace to society than a bee sting. If you get stung put household vinegar on the sting to immediately neutralize the pain. Our life guards usually carry it.

    Get back to worrying about something more important like Brexit.

  6. Bob Reply

    Brexit isn’t important to us, that’s why we’re casually messing around with it.

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