Ministers offer £15m to save King Alfred housing scheme on Hove seafront

Posted On 01 Feb 2018 at 10:17 am

The government has agreed to find £15 million to help finance the King Alfred housing scheme on Hove seafront.

The developer Crest Nicholson, plans to build between 580 and 660 flats in buildings up to 20 storeys high, in partnership with a local charity, the Starr Trust.

Working with Brighton and Hove City Council, the land owner, they will also replace the swimming pool and leisure centre as part of the £400 million project.

The house builder had indicated that it was struggling to make the sums add up and called for public funding to ensure enough affordable housing could be included in the scheme.

This morning ministers answered Crest Nicholson’s plea with £15 million on the basis that the scheme was “marginal” but offered valuable benefits.

Rob Starr, of the Starr Trust, said: “It feels like we’ve won all over again – and we can now deliver the bid we won on.

“It’s great that the government will be spending this money in Brighton and Hove because the scheme was marginal.”

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Treasury said in a joint announcement: “Up to 50,000 new homes are set to get off the ground across the south east as government confirms £224.5 million investment in local housing projects today (1 February 2018).

“Housing Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that 32 council-led projects across the south east will receive funding to support local work that will make housing developments viable and get much needed homes built quicker.

“With the government committed to building 300,000 homes a year by the mid 2020s, this first wave of funding from the £5 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund is part of a comprehensive programme to fix the broken housing market.

“This latest investment will fund key local infrastructure projects including new roads, cycle paths, flood defences and land remediation work, all essential ahead of building the homes.

“Without this financial support these projects would struggle to go ahead or take years for work to begin, delaying the homes these communities need.

“Together with the government’s Industrial Strategy, it will provide high quality infrastructure to support economic growth.”

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said: “My priority is building the homes this country desperately needs.

“This first wave of investment in projects across the south east will help get up to 50,000 homes off the ground, making a huge difference to communities across the region.

“This is just one of the many ways this government is taking action to get Britain building homes again.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond said: “Today marks the first step of the multibillion-pound investment we announced at the budget to help build the homes our country needs.

“This fund finances vital infrastructure such as roads, schools and bridges, which will kick-start housing development in some of Britain’s highest-demand areas.

“This support will help us meet our ambitious plan of building 300,000 new homes each year and ensure we have enough housing in areas which need it most.”

  1. Valerie Paynter, saveHOVE Reply

    ….just as we learn that 15,000 of London’s newbuild flats remain unsold, that Legal & General is to give the city its first build-to-rent development scheme and The Times prints a big feature on how Govt is going to legislate to rein in developer shenanigans….we get this news.

    £8m from BHCC, £15m from public funds via this Govt Agency… What could the city build all ln its own with £23m?

    I just hope a massive overhaul of the initial scheme is also on its way – because it offers seafront visitors nothing, brings no revenue-raising activity to the seafront – just the guarantee of lots of council tax revenue anda leisure centre created from a dodgy BHCC planning brief.

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      Valerie – you seem to have been against every development that has been proposed for replacing that revolting old building.

      What would it take for an option that would meet with your approval?

      And please remind us – are you/saveHOVE now against any development in the city that involves private investment?

      Do you want any and all further developments stopped in the city (but you seem quite happy for them to happy elsewhere) making you a self-appointed super NIMBY?

      • Valerie Reply

        I was very supportive of Rob Starr’s original dream and plans for the site – – now reduced by 95% to give him an admin base for the Starr Trust with some bookable rooms and control of a 300 capacity flexible space (and the revenue stream from it). We LOSE the 400 capacity ballroom & its revenue FOR THE COUNCIL COFFERS. That is just for starters.

        ‘Gerald Wiley,’ all you do is provide lies, slander & personal abuse in your anonymous posts here & on the Argus. Are you really such an empty shirt, puffed-up blowhard or have you got ideas or facts people could look at instead?

  2. David vincent Reply

    I think you got it wrong no one is against these devolments if they re done to a decent plan not over bearing on local resources and offers some thing other thne flats to the local community

  3. frankie Reply

    Wow, so we now have a design most people hate, supplying fewer facilities than were in the winning bid and we are bailing out a developer and the Starr Trust with public money.

    Time for a re-run of the bidding race methinks, and this time make it open

  4. Lofty Reply

    Instead of re-running the bidding race, why not remove the contract from Crest Nicholson and give it to the runner up, Bouyges, if they can do it for the price they said. These will be seafront flats on a premium site. They will make the developer a fortune. There should be a 50m pool as part of the plans too. It could work out cheaper than the smaller pools that Crest currently has in mind.
    The £15m would be better spent on properly affordable homes for rent (and eventually to buy, under the right to buy, after a suitable qualifying period).

  5. Kathleen McMullen Reply

    Up to 660 flats!

    How much will it cost to heat these flats exposed to Channel storms and tidal surges in winter compared to flats in more sheltered areas? They are unlikely to be well insulated. Scary for children & those of a sensitive nature.

    Has anyone calculated the extra heating costs and noise levels?

    • Ben Reply

      Hahahaha! What nonsense. Stop talking rubbish you clown.

  6. Barney Reply

    No need for personal insults Ben. We all have our own opinions and the right to express ourselves.

  7. Dee Saccone Reply

    What are the 600 + flats going to do to the traffic and parking in the area?

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