Fringe Review: Better Together

Posted On 11 May 2018 at 2:31 pm

Better Together, Aca Theatre; The Warren: The Hat, 6, 7 May

Not a play on the Brexit trauma of 2016 as far as I know but possibly an accidental chaotic allegory! This show actually centred on a trio of colourful clowns offering accidental acrobatics, impressive hair do’s and messy mischief for the young and old.

A show in clown speak with slapstick and acrobatics which the young crowd enjoyed. The colourful attire and enthusiastic performers picked the topic of friendship and making friends, so a positive message for the viewers. Topizo, Doa and Squiggle have created original ways to work out how best friends work in a modern world.

I joined these three delightful clowns with a tired four year old, and they made waiting at a ‘bus stop’, the main location of the show, a tragically complicated affair.

Through loneliness, tumbling and laughter, they learned to cast aside the distractions that stand in the way of what matters most. Playful and clever, ‘Better Together’ is a hilarious show full of surprises, slapstick and acrobatics.

On a hot day this show lasting an hour was probably overly long for its audience age group mostly ages 3 upwards, taking a while to warm the crowd up, 45 mins would have worked better for keeping the attention focussed, but there were broad smiles at many of the jokes and the clownish antics. The buses failed to stop but the show rang all the bells!

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