Volk’s volunteer wins award

Posted On 08 Oct 2018 at 10:07 am

Peter Williams accepts his award

A Volks volunteer has been recognised for his work helping to revamp the railway.

Peter Williams has been awarded the Marsh Trust’s regional volunteering award for Volunteers for Museum Learning.

Peter Williams has volunteered with Volk’s Electric Railway Association (VERA) for 10 years and is the association’s Vice- Chairman.

He has assisted with track work, train driving, providing tours as well as being an ambassador for Volk’s and always happy to assist with other tasks

He supported the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding and refurbished the original dynamo Magnus Volk used to power the railway and helped install it at Volk’s Electric Railway’s Visitor Centre where passengers and visitors can see it for the first time.

Mr Williams consulted with the education developers, shaping the school workshop offer that has been enthusiastically taken up since it was launched.

As proof reader and consultant for the exhibition content and accompanying guide book, he ensured the heritage of the railway is accessible for everyone.

This year’s award ceremony marks an exciting milestone as the British Museum and the Marsh Christian Trust celebrate working in partnership for the tenth year.

The ‘Volunteers for Museum Learning’ award recognises the hugely valuable contribution that volunteers make by helping museums engage with their visitors.

The ‘Volunteers for Museum Learning’ award forms part of a programme of awards presented by the Marsh Christian Trust in the fields of science, ecology, conservation, heritage, literature and volunteering.

Each one of these awards recognises individuals and organisations who devote their lives to improving the world today and the world in the future.

The Marsh Awards programme is managed in association with key partners including the Zoological Society of London, the Council for British Archaeology, Barnardo’s, the Refugee Council and the British Museum.

The aim of the Volunteers for Museum Learning award is to recognise those volunteers who work directly with visitors in any capacity.

There were a large number of applications from across the UK, some from groups of volunteers and some from individuals. The judges consisted of staff from the Marsh Christian Trust and staff and volunteers from the British Museum.

The British Museum is delighted to host the awards, being very aware of the crucial contribution volunteers make to the well-being of the Museum and its enjoyment by the public. Mr Williams was awarded the South East regional award.

Joanna Mackle, Deputy Director of the British Museum said “It is hugely exciting that this year’s award ceremony marks a ten-year partnership between the British Museum and the Marsh Christian Trust.

“Museums across the UK rely on the dedication of volunteers to reach and inspire as many people as possible. The Marsh Awards recognise the commitment and enthusiasm of volunteers in museums and we are very grateful to the Marsh Christian Trust for acknowledging this work.”

Brian Marsh, Chairman of the Marsh Christian Trust said “We are very pleased to have been working with the British Museum for the past 10 years to recognise volunteers from museums across the UK who work hard to engage and educate the public.

“We are conscious of the value that these volunteers bring, both to the museums they dedicate their time to and to the visitors whose experiences they enhance.

We hope to continue to celebrate them for many years to come.”

The winners will each receive a cash prize of £500, donated by the Marsh Christian Trust. The one overall national winner will receive an additional £2,000.

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