Brighton night club granted licence despite neighbours’ concerns

Night club and live music venue The Haunt has been granted a new licence to open at a new site until 3.30am.

The club, currently in Pool Valley, Brighton, is moving to the old Dirty Blonde site in nearby East Street because Grosvenor Casino is taking over its former premises.

The Haunt was able to use the existing Dirty Blonde premises licence but would have to keep to the existing layout and close at 3am.

The club asked for a 4am drinks licence but several neighbours sent objections.

A compromise time of 3.30am was agreed at a Brighton and Hove City Council licensing panel at Hove Town Hall.

Thirty six conditions have been attached to the new licence, including a requirement to close at 3am if the Pool Valley site reverts to being a night club with a 4am closing time.

The club must also instal a tamper-proof noise limiter and place empty bottles into bins inside the building.

Other restrictions include increased security and a zero tolerance drug policy.

At the licensing panel hearing, a neighbour from Clarendon Mansions, Simon McGarity, complained that the noise of bottles being tipped into bins in the early hours of the morning woke him up.

Club owner Matthew Dimmock offered to limit the disposal of glass to between 9.30am and 1pm. The club’s licence imposes an 8pm deadline.

Work can now take place to change the existing club’s layout so that the live music area is moved to the back of the building, away from residents.

An internal queuing system with enough room for 100 people is also planned, along with a bin store inside the building.

  1. Mark Stack Reply

    Do we know what the decibel lever the noise limiter is to be set at?

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Meanwhile it looks as if “night clubs” are on the way out. There are better ways to meet people.

  3. Clubber Reply

    This new haunt will have a short life……..

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