Brighton retailer hikes prices to highlight Black Friday consumerism

Posted On 13 Nov 2018 at 3:58 pm

Ashley Sheets

A Brighton based online retailer is putting up its prices for Black Friday in a protest against the throwaway consumerism the sale represents.

Ashley Sheets of Worthwhyle says she is making the move in a bid to persuade people to stop buying goods wrapped in single use plastic and shipped around the globe.

For Black Friday week – from Thursday November 22 to Tuesday November 27 – 10% will be added to all products sold on the Worthwhyle website, and the extra money donated to Brighton Women’s Centre, Seahaven Wildlife Rescue, The Hummingbird Project and The Clocktower Sanctuary.

Ms Sheets said: “Most of the purchases made on Black Friday will be wrapped in plastic, packaged in polystyrene, and potentially shipped halfway around the world just so people can save £20 on a new bluetooth speaker.

“This is clearly unsustainable and I’m encouraging people to stop these wasteful purchasing habits – if that means costing myself a few sales, so be it.

“Consumers need to be more focused on shopping locally, buying reusable products, and supporting brands that make a positive impact on the world like Friendly Soaps, Georganics and Earth Conscious.

“We’re now seeing wasteful, low-quality products being produced specifically to enable bargain-basement prices on Black Friday. Saving 25% up-front may seem appealing, but if that new TV will break within a year, are you really saving money?

“I think that if people have the spare cash to make frivolous purchases on Black Friday, it’s only right that some of that money should go towards supporting those who don’t, or those who suffer as a direct result of overconsumption.”

Worthwhyle, which sells products such as beard oil, reusable straws and detox soap, was founded in August this year.

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