Fringe Preview: History Of Ireland By Moxie Brawl/Sarah Blanc

Posted On 11 May 2019 at 9:36 am

Brighton Fringe Preview

Tim Squire

Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

History Of Ireland

By Moxie Brawl/Sarah Blanc

A comedy featuring five women and a sack of potatoes. The history of Ireland is one of struggle but this show tells it from the perspective of the women of Ireland who, to be fair, had a pretty rough time of it. The famous “Rose of Tralee” beauty pageant is the setting for this highly praised piece. Expect to hear about Civil War, the vote and the slave like conditions in the laundries then right up to the modern day referendum on repealing the eight amendment in 2018 which made abortion illegal under the Irish Constitution. A re-write of history through dance and theatre.

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