Father diagnosed with coronavirus in Brighton

Posted On 06 Feb 2020 at 2:26 pm

A local father has been diagnosed with coronavirus in Brighton.

England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty confirmed a third UK case of the contagious virus had been diagnosed this lunchtime.

He said the person did not contract the virus in the UK or China, but another country in Asia.

Hove MP Peter Kyle this evening said NHS bosses were proactively contacting people and places the patient – a local father – had been in contact with.

The Spearhead

And the patient’s family had no symptoms, but were now spending time together “in a secluded place”.

Mr Kyle said: “There’s a lot or rumours going around so let me update you on the facts.

“A man living locally has been confirmed as having contacted Coronavirus. This was contracted outside of the UK, in Asia, not locally.

“The second he observed symptoms our NHS leapt into action and he has been moved to a specialised isolation unit near London which is designed for situations like this.

“His family have not exhibited signs and are not suspected of having contracted the virus but because of their shock at developments and eagerness to be especially cautious they are spending some time together in a more secluded place.

“This is an act of kindness to reassure us all and I, for one, am very grateful to them for their thoughtfulness.

“Today I have been in touch with the bosses of our local health service, the leader of our council, and ministers in the Department of Health. All of them are very well informed, very well prepared, and working openheartedly to make sure the spread of Coronavirus is minimised.

“The places visited by the family and people who they’ve been in touch with since this happened are all being proactively contacted by authorities and if people are concerned they’re getting the care, tests, and support they need.

“I’ve already seen quite a bit of rumour and conjecture on social media, a lot of it is way off base, so please don’t worry unnecessarily and please don’t believe everything you read on social media (except from me obviously!)”

The Guardian says the person was diagnosed in Brighton, and has now been transferred to a London hospital for treatment.

Just yesterday, Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) chief nursing officer Allison Cannon told medics that no cases have been reported in Brighton and Hove but family doctors are keeping watch for symptoms and any sign of the virus spreading.

Last month, the University of Sussex, which has many students from China and other affected countries, said it was closely monitoring the situation with Coronavirus.

Today, a University of Sussex spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to hear that a third person is now receiving treatment for Coronavirus and we wish them a full and swift recovery.

“This person is not a student or member of staff at the University of Sussex. We would like to offer our full support to our neighbours across the city.”

A University of Brighton spokesman said: “The individual concerned is not connected to the University of Brighton. We will continue to advise our students and staff to follow the current guidance from Public Health England.”

Mr Kyle added: “Here’s what you need to know. Coronavirus is not as easily transmitted as things like flu so there’s a really easy way to eliminate almost all risk of either spreading it or contracting it – when you sneeze, use a tissue.

“If you don’t have a tissue then sneeze into your arm or elbow. And then wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you can.

“We’re really lucky to have our NHS. One nationwide organisation that can respond to challenges like this in a jointed up and scaled-up way. Few countries have the protection we have.

“We all need to do our bit too, but all around us is an organisation hard at work and I’m doing my bit on your behalf to make sure it’s operating in all of our best interests.

“There’s one final thing I’ve done today. I’ve asked those who are in touch with the family to let them know they are in my thoughts, that I’m here as their MP so support them in any way I can, but also to pass on the very best wishes of our whole community.

“I’ve now met many people who have found themselves suddenly at the centre of a national event and it can be terrifying for them.

“We as a community must always be sensitive to that and we owe it to them not to listen to people who spread rumours as it can make them feel hurt and unwelcome.

“What I want right now is for the family to be reunited with their dad once he’s fully recovered and for them to jump back into life here in our community. I really do wish them well in this difficult time.”

As of 5 February, a total of 566 UK tests have concluded, of which 563 were confirmed negative and 3 positive.

Coronavirus causes respiratory infection and for most people it may be no more serious than a common cold.

But the latest outbreak of the virus, also known as novel coronavirus, can be lethal as were previous mutations known as SARS and MERS.

The CCG’s website advises people to use tissues, bin them and wash hands with soap and water.

Novel coronavirus information can be found on the CCG website at www.brightonandhoveccg.nhs.uk/novel-coronavirus-what-you-need-know.

  1. Valerie Reply

    A&E has ALWAYS got at least 30 people in its tiny waiting area who have all now bee exposed. Have they been quarantined ?

    • Matthew Jenkins Reply

      What leads you to believe the individual walked in to A&E?

      • The Brighton beast Reply

        I read on a few different news articles that he had walked into the hospital. If he has children there is a chance they have have picked it up but not showing Signs yet as it can take 12-14 days to start showing. Are they school age children that may have passed it around hundreds of children at school. Has the family used public transport? These are the questions we need to know.

  2. Rapha Reply

    Other articles report that he went to A&E, that’s a valid question..

  3. Ed Reply

    Well it was nice while it lasted but afraid to say I now most likely have Coronavirus, along with all the other residents of Brighton.

    I’d advise you all to prepare your wills as I will be doing, and copulate to your hearts content (only with fellow Coronovirusers, mind!).

    This has been my last testimony.

  4. El_O_Him Reply

    The fact is that the panic caused by a pandemic is in most cases more contagious than the pandemic itself. The lack of knowledge and/or understanding of viral transmission, coupled with the penny dreadful reporting to instigate fear that sells papers, breeds xenophobia and irrational actions. Yes there are some confirmed cases but the majority of those confirmed to be diagnosed with this virus, and the majority of people who have died already are in very poor areas that do not have the same levels of healthcare. Hopefully the people that have been diagnosed with this virus will get well soon, and I am just assuming that they are going to be willing and able to give health services names of people that they have been in contact with to help in containing the spread, unlike some of the people in Wuhan who have been welded inside their own homes, or who have been throwing their pets out of their windows, because of the fears of contagion.

  5. Zoostar Reply

    Press reports have stated the patient walked into A&E

  6. Gi Reply

    Between Sunday and Thursday was he sent home or put on a ward with others?

  7. Keira Whittington Reply

    Very true we all need to know this!!!!

    • TP Reply

      Why? Get a grip people. Our common flu virus that comes around every year will caused more problems than Corona. Here’s a fact for you. Of all the people that have currently been diagnosed with Corona only 2% have died and of those people all had other underlying respiratory or other health problems. So in the scheme of things 2% is is incredibly low. Common flu will kill 60 times that number of people.

  8. EllT Reply

    They would not put him on a ward if he tested positive, nor without testing first. Some reports say that he walked in to A&E. The BBC says that he was isolated in his own home. It would be good to know which is correct and whether or not he took public transport or went to shops, cafes etc., before being tested. Spreading panic is obviously not good, but then neither is withholding information.

  9. UKrobochips Reply

    R0 of flu is less than estimated R0 of nCov2019. This means coronavirus likely spreads more easily than flu.

    You might want to edit your article.

  10. Labour lady Reply

    I blame Brexit. If we hadn’t left would not have happened

  11. peter andre Reply

    i hope this virus is easily contained and kills far less people than the flu pandemic of 1918 – having said that, is it sustainable for 7 -8 billion people living on this earth without consequence – i hope the first victim of this virus in Brighton is loop the loop lucas

  12. Sandi G Reply

    This gentleman went skiing for 4 days before returning to Brighton and infected a British family in France. He also infected a group of Brits who went off to Majorca. Then he flew back to the UK on the 28th January.By this time he may / must have been aware that several of his associates in Singapore were infected. As he was flying in from Europe he would not have been checked for anything. Hi labour lady!!. I hope that he had a wonderful holiday, Beautiful hotel in Singapore, very reasonable only £1000 a night, But of course Serv….. were paying.

  13. Marion Reply

    2 years ago half of thatres staff was exposed to TBC in BSUH recovery and theatres to active TBC patients and about 15 ending up having traetment for 6 momths. No compensations at all and no preventive measures were taken. I am not surprised if there is more cases between NHS staff reported from now. It took about 3 months to carry on with IV test from occu health NHS BSUH DEPT

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