Schools to remain open despite coronavirus council says

Cottesmore St Mary’s, from where two people are currently self-isolating

Schools will stay open in Brighton and Hove, city council chief executive Geoff Raw confirmed.

He was speaking at a joint press conference today (Tuesday 11 February) at Hove Town Hall with council leader Nancy Platts to give advice and assurance about the spread of coronavirus.

People from five schools – staff and pupils – have put themselves into isolation on the advice of Public Health England (PHE) as a precautionary measure as they may have come into contact with the virus.

The Spearhead

Mr Raw said the authority is working closely with city schools to make sure they understand the advice from PHE.

He said: “For the time being schools will remain open.

“Parents need to do what is best for their children when they are unwell and if they are concerned  then they should call 111.”

Posters have gone out to tenants representatives at city council Housing Panels, when they have met this week, urging people to wash their hands.

Mr Raw said: “We are working really closely with our NHS partners, with Public Health England and we have a direct line to the chief medical officer.

“We are working very closely together as a seamless team to manage this particularly situation we have in Brighton and Hove and we are making good steady progress.”

Councillor Platts said she wanted to get across a message that people practice good hygiene, wash their hands, use tissues and anti-bacterial gel.

The Labour councillor said: “We would like anyone who owns a public space, particularly bars, cafes, restaurants, public houses, gyms, anywhere that the public uses, to make sure they are washing down equipment regularly, they’re washing surfaces and putting soap in toilets.

“And just adopting all the basic hygiene methods in order to keep people safe.”

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