Coronavirus death toll reaches 96 at Brighton hospital trust

Posted On 25 Apr 2020 at 7:27 pm

The death toll of patients with the covid-19 coronavirus now stands at 96 at the main hospital trust for Brighton and Hove.

The news came on the day that the death toll nationally went up by 813 to pass 20,000. The figures do not include people dying in care homes or in their own homes.

The total now stands at 20,319, a figure exceeded internationally only by America, Italy, Spain and France.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) reported the latest figures earlier today (Saturday 25 April).

The trust runs the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, in Brighton, and the Princess Royal Hospital, in Haywards Heath.

One of the neighbouring NHS trusts, Western Sussex Hospitals, shares its leadership team with BSUH. Western has recorded 67 deaths so far.

Another neighbouring trust, East Sussex Heatlthcare, has recorded 56 deaths while Surrey and Sussex Healthcare has recorded  173.

The Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, which has its headquarters at Brighton General Hospital, has so far reported 13 deaths.

The number of people confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus in Brighton and Hove has gone up to 339.

The figure for West Sussex is 997 and for East Sussex is 499, making 1,835 across Sussex as a whole.

Nationally the number of cases has gone up by 4,913 to 148,377.

  1. anthony Silcock Reply

    These figures are very confusing Haywards Heath is part of West Sussex yet it looks like Princess Royal Hospital has been lump into Brighton and the Brighton General has been kept separate. Then we have 339 cases for the Brighton and Hove area. Dose this Brighton and Hove area include Haywards Heath?

  2. Tom HUghes Reply

    How many people are in ICU with COVID-19 today and how many in total?

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